Dear Editor

Dear Editor

"The Oct. issue had been out but, well, let's say less than a week , when IT began to happen . In less than 10 days I had received 47 -- FORTY-SIV -- letters. Most of them were inquiries. Some of which contained checks... ( ED. NOTE -- For such results, you aon't have to pay double for your ad.)

"With the October copy I wonder how much longer it will be before some Madison Avenue big OPERATOR will communicate with Double A, hand her a big fat contract, and sweep her off her feet into the land of glitter and tinsel, as a CREATIVE ARTIST specializing in covers. You rang the bell... so take a bow. W. NO?E No. 2- -I censor her sail just to avoid such eventualities.) Oh, that October cover. A Real Awakener." -- Jason Se bastian, Burbank , Calif. 4 4 4

"Enclosed is my check for my subscription to ABERREE. When I spell it backwards it reminds me of embus or purgatory -- and my last book was titled UPPER PURGATORY.

"I always e n j oy reading about folks in darkness who struggle and strain for light, and miss the Christ Ray as per the Sermon on the Mount formula. I was glad to read about Ron Hubbard. No doubt he has found that plants are more responsive than people -- that is, to light. Years ago in New York, I was Ron's literary publicity agent. I was sure his great imagination was tuned in with the higher frequencies altho the reception was to some extent distorted due to earth-bound static and lack of the Christ detector tube.

"Altho I have retired, I am pushing my most outstanding client, a man who has had many publicity agents before me. I feel however that He should have a new presentation unto men of Good Will. This man has been famous many years, but the secular world has never appreciated Him. He is a worldwide friend and should be welcomed in every home on Earth.

He asks no obligation, other than love of the Father and service to neighbor. I highly recommend this man of Nazareth as a companion, because He is a valuable adjunct to consciousness of peace and human kindness.

"Of course, I mean not the religious Christ, but the scientific Christ -- that nuclear physicist of spiritual frequencies." -- Edward Bodin, 'The Hermit of Chautauqua Bills", Lily Dale, N. Y.

"Re. Jeanne Bagby's letter (Nov. ' 59 issue, P. 151 Did Louis 'condemn Subud without bothering to look into it'? "'Is the evidence of thousands of people nothing?' My answer is, definitely YES. On Page 16 of Erich Fromm's 'Psychoanalysis and Religion', a Yale paperback , Fromm uses the phrase 'folie a millions', reminding the reader of the madness of whole groups. And, I might add, what is aggressive warfare but the insane conviction of an entire nation, convinced of their rightness. And what of the testimonials of 'healings' - - proven false -- in the wake of such 'healers' as Oral Roberts?

"For the record, I think latihan is great