Volume 6, Issue 8, page 18

Hand for sacrificially trying
all that stuff in our behalf.
But he should know, without
experimenting and injuring
himself, that sescaline is
masculine and the positive
charge of it will split his
atomic structure and negatize
him . The closer he gets to absolute zero , the more he tends
to become a super-conductor.
Then he can conduct any gestalt he wants to see, into
himself. This is the black
magic method.
"And let me tell you, my
fine and beautiful friends
(Alice is the beautiful) that
you Subuders are the champion
mescaline eaters. The mt.
line you eat is the masca.,Ine
light you invite into your
heads, and which surges thru
your bodies, and which splits
you wide open and darkens you,
and makes you drunk with that
spiritual intoxicant, and negatizes you to a state of superconductivity. You might just
as leave attend a Satan's Sabbath with a flock of debauched
witches as attend a latihan
with a gang of rug-eating contortionists.
"Light is the super-deceiver. I have a notion to write a
5,000-word article agin Subud." -- Phil Friedman, Florence, Ariz.
(ED. NOTE -- No 5,000-uorders, PLEASE -- fer or agin -- anything for The ABERREE. Verbosity tis for books (such as the
BIG dictionary), not for readers seeking freedom of ideas.)
"Received sample of E/F
(Exultation of Flowers) from
C. V. (Vrang) who is retiring
from the E/F business due to
the A,M. A. If putting fertilizer on plants is now'practicing medicine', the A. M. A. sure
has it all over the Teamsters'
Union". -- Joseph J. Dochowski,
Philadelphia, Penn.
(ED. NOT E -- Didn' t you know
-- the A.M.A. has had its fertilizer accepted for so long,
it now resents any intrusion
on its monopoly.)
We tried to use all letters
on hand this month, since next
issue is the combined Jan.-Feb.
one. But we just didn't have
space. Some letters got crowded out by... (See Ed.Note to
Philip Friedman , above J
Beautiful life-like oil
portraits of your spiritual
guide and sincere help with
your problems. 9x12'-$12.50
Box 1206-Scottsdale, Ariz.

I t is a sad c onmentary
that the INTELLIGENT know
so much they by-pass God.