Volume 6, Issue 8, page 8

hope. These telegram forms awaiting only the
day of their use and stating "The War Department regrets to have to inform you that your
son may again be converted to a better
use in the pulp mills which originally produced them. Let us so hope. No Loving God or
War God which was ever invented is worth even
one moment of a father's and mother's anguish
when confronted with this ghastly message.

Communication and travel speed is accelerating rapidly, and top level scientists are now
appearing in all racial colors; the monopoly
in scientific research for so long held by the
"civilized" races is rapidly fading. and
day cannot be long delayed when the Gods" of
both Christendom and Heathendom must be arraigned for trial. Enlightenment piercing the
dark ages in belief may yet come to the entire
human family from the gentle and life continuing glow of knowingness rather than the death
dealing blast from nuclear fission.

Fear and belief are synonymous. Without belief there can be no fear. Only in belief is
Man destructible. He can Know that he is indestructible. He can Know, that unlike his body ,
he himself was never created. He can Know that
the physical universe in which he is in action,
never began, nor can he or his universe ever
end. Without an"I" there could never be an
"Am" , and conversely, without an "Am" , who
could ever sanely conceive any justification
for the existence of an "I"? The forces "I"
and"Am" existing in counter and limited direction never exist in an independent and isolated state.

There is no operational limit in believing
fantasy. There was a period in time when all
men believed this planet Earth was flat. Many
courageous and brilliant men were slaughtered
in the conquest of this lie.

Today our brilliant scientists continue to
peer forever outward with telescopes in great
functional variety in vision and electronics
in their earnest endeavor to locate "The Outer
Limits"of the universe, and with a similar
array of equally powerful microscopes, they
are in full cry in the hunt for "The Origin of
the Universe"