Volume 5, Issue 8, page 2

The DECENBER, 1958 * * Vol. 5, No. 8
R SB?S One of our
TRAI' FOR THE contributors,
UNWARY "GODS" whose writings
in the metaphysical field are quite widely read and accepted, wrote us
recently: "Got a silly letter
from some woman who thinks I
ought to be some sort of God."
Which he is, of course, but it
is just such worshipful recognition from a hero - hunting
strata of society which is
stealing from man the icing of
his own godhood.

We all are acquainted with
innumerable examples of persons who discover -- one way or
another -- some of the secrets
of Life, God, and Man. If they
dare to reveal these halftruths, and worse, start making a livelihood from their
teachings, they become magnets
attracting to themselves a
band of followers, some of
whom are delirious deifiers.
You've heard them, as they
gather around lecturers, ministers, and even plain and
noisy preachers: "Ain't he
wonderful?" "Isn't he handsome?" "So wise , so intelligent -- just like talking with
God Himself. He must be inspired." And on and on.

Were the object of their
adulation half as wise as he
pretends to be, he'd recognize
this worship for what it is -- a
trap of the most dangerous
kind -- and go on about his selfappointed business of yak-yaking to those he considers in
need of enlightenment. But,
being weak , most of these
Adams eat of the apples offered them by the Eves and
serpents in their train, and
begin to allow themselves to
be called "Master" -- to be put
on pedestals. And there they
sit -- scarecrows on Life's highway. And Life flows on, leaving them behind to bask blindly in their own ignorance.

Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites'
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
DAYS OP "FREE It has been
AS THE AIR" an incontestaARE NUMBS ble axioi that
neither taxes
nor the profit motive have
been able to touch the invisible necessity - to - exi stence
called "air ".

Other things necessary for
man's existence -- food, water ,
etc. -- have been just as plentiful, but man's genius has
been able to harness them for
his own aggrandizement. What
can't be taxed, "improved",
poisoned, hoarded, or otherwise made subservient to the
cash register has been plowed
under, or forbidden. Only air
has remained sacrosanct.

Now, however, this may be
the last generation of man to
enjoy free use of what he must
take into his lungs to exist .
With the discovery of ways to
make air unhealthy, it may be
only a step until someone invents a special filtering device which you can rent, so
that you, alone, can have pure
air, while those rugged individuals who insist on "free
air" will go to their graves
as martyrs to a dead axiom.

A tropic isle? A far-away
escape from civilization? Not
now, my friend -- even if you're
willing to sacrifice the mechanical imperatives w h i c h
have become so much a part of
modern-day living. Civilization may never tame the cannibal, or the belly-belle with
the unrehearsed wiggle, but it
certainly can make it hard for
them to get a breath of fresh

Eventually, no doubt, control of these filter devices
will become a function of government, communist or democratic. And that's when you
REALLY start paying your taxes
thru the nose -- filtered, of
jFor what is a san profited, if he shall gain the
whole wild, and lose his
oat soul? or what shall a
san give in exchange for
his soul? -- Matt. 16: 26.

THAT IS LEFT This, probAPTHt YOU'VE ably, is one of
LAST A 8)UL? the best examples of gobbledegook with which the New Testament abounds. It brings to
the surface many questions -- to
none of which the "experts "
seem willing to offer more than
a token explanation.

The mystics nay man I S a
soul -- so how can you lose what
you are without complete annihilation? And if man is infinite and eternal , Who loses
What, or What loses Who -- and
how? And after Who has lost
What, or What has lost Who,
Who or What remains that did,
or didn't, be "profited"?
Nor can orthodox religion
smugly point out that this is
evidence that man HAS a soul ,
instead of BEING a soul . The
saw reasoning surrounds this
concept as in the paragraph
above. After you've " lost"
your soul, what remains that
did, or didn't, be "profited?
And how will YOU feel after
you've "lost" your soul -- or
bargained ("given in exchange
for it?
This is probably one of
those questions which has no
answer-..such as: "If you were
in space, which way would be
'up'?" First, you set up an
arbitrary: What is a soul? or
Which way is 'down' ? -- and go
on from there. You'll get a
reply-a satisfactory one, too
-- but it's only "true" when
aligned with your own point of
reference, or arbitrary.

Which is a long way around
to ask: 'Whose arbitrary are
you buying when you decide to
be 'saved' , or to become opti