Volume 5, Issue 8, page 12

most awesome and impressive
"I would, in all humility,
assure them that this is not
so, even if I must per chance
address them directly and indirectly.
"In my earlier years, in
engineering lecturing, I gained
rather more than a nodding
acquaintance with Planck and
his 'Quanta', and performed
the usual acrobatics with his
constant. (0.000009000000000000000000006624 -- isn't it a
"Yes, I have paid due homage
and worshipped at the shrines
of many of the other 'saints'
in the 'temples' of science,
including Newton, Heisenberg
and Born, Morley and Michaelson, and finally in more recent years, the brilliant Master Gamester, Albert Einstein.
"What a pity 'The Game'
can't be played without physical perception, and to get this
perception in full we have to
throw some light waves on to
that which is perceived. If
only we could get light to
travel not quite so fast! Good
theories, one and all, as they
served, and continue to serve,
for a time.
"I would suggest that you
go back a bit in time and read
Democritus (Thrace 460 B.C.).
It is rather a shock to find
him propounding a theory so
surprisingly in present time,
and in a period when the universally accepted a n d operational 'Theory' or belief (there
is little difference) was the
certainty that the Earth was
"Sir J. J. Thomson and Lord
Rutherford started another
'Game'. These 'Games' always
were, and still are, good fun,
if this last was not proving
so grimly dangerous, when t h e
ownership and control of the
'Sports Club' passes into ruthless and destructive hands.
"I would assure you that
nowhere in 'Force' was I attempting to elaborate on the
Quantum Theory. Nor was I attempting to verify any other
particular theory. It was a
humble attempt to write in a
simplicity of wording, which
would not necessitate educational altitude on the part of
any readers, and to insure
some understanding of what I
was trying to say inn*, efforts
to show that no theory, in any
period of past, present, or
future time, could ever be absolutely verified. The truth
is, there is not now, nor ever
was, nor ever can be, an absolute truth.

Perhaps I did not do such
a good job. I would be the
first to admit that possibility. There is one single point
I would draw your attention to,
if I may. Sir Isaac Newton was
a great scientist in the latter half of the 17th century.
So what? He died! Sir John
Cockcroft is a great scientist
in the 20th century. So what?
He can die!!
"Man is still peering thru
telehcopes in a great variety
of shapes and sizes, in an
ever-hopeful endeavor to discover 'The Origins of the Universe'. Now, here is surely
the most endless of all the
'Games', for Cause, even t h e
originating Cause, ism surely
a Lie as Space and Time, and
these three must forever serve
as counterforce to the three
great truths of Effect in Mass
and Change.
"I feel' sure that yukawa
offered us more accurate information relating to the phenomena of cosmic rays than did
Prof. Mi l l ikan . Then again,
these lofty 'theories' must be
"Thanks to you both for an
interesting criticism, and I
trust you will stay with me so
that we may continue to enjoy
'Good Hunting' !" -- Dr. Janes
Clark, Dalbeattie, Scotland.
"It is interesting to see
some of these old Dianeticists
who couldn't run an engram
really perk up and take notice
on some of the new processes.
"'Help' is certainly a very
important key. The problem is
to find out what the mind or
the guy is doing compulsively
and get him to do it deliberately. Many of us have been
wasting help for years. " -- allen
Carder, D.Scn., Berkeley, Cal.
"This is to mention, since
so much comment on 'Brainwashing' booklet appeared in your
latest excellent issue of ABBREE, that I find free copies
advertised by A.A.Allen Revivals, Box 8595, Dallas 16, Tex.,
to all who will help 'fight
the devil' by sending a contribution to aid in fighting a
'Complaint in Trespass served
upon A.A.Allen and A.A.Allen
Revivals, Inc., by Joseph Lewis
and the Freethinkers, a nonprofit association organized
and existing under the laws of
the State of New York'.
"The advertisement appears
in 'Miracle Magazine'for July,
1958, published by A.A.Allen,
and a sketch of the booklet is
shown. In addition to t h e
printing on the copies we received from HASI, it has 'Published by Kenneth Goff, P.O.
Box 238 (?), Englewood, Colo..
per copy $1.' I'm not too sure
about the P. 0. box number, as
the print is quite small.
"Maybe someone will want to
find out who Kenneth G o f f
might be." -- Allurah Leslie,
lew Castle, Penn.
"By now I agree with your
view on Page 2, but I hold
that learning a theory or ideology -- any theory or ideology,
true-to-fact or not, so long
as it's consistent -- is valuable to start one off. Your
conclusion is o n e a person
reaches when, in the clutch,
the theory or ideology falls
flat, as it will.
"PLEDGE TONOAH -- Phil Friedman, the Apocalyptic Poet, is
really developing a feeling
for dithyramb, isn't he? This
one is a rouser!
wrote a fine series. In this
part, Arentz lays his finger
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