Volume 5, Issue 8, page 15

fore I decided this was not
what I wanted. All this , you
understand, very deeply buried
and occluded. When I finally
went to a doctor, I had no
idea what was wrong with my
digestion, and was deeply
shocked to hear the words'very
large gall stones and completely blocked gal] bladder'. . .

Dianetics could have saved
me this operation, had I been
more willing to 'work on my
case' and found an auditor I
liked. Maybe psychology or
psychiatry could have, or a
person versed in psychosomatic
medicine. Or yoga, or a plain
'faith'. I know this now, but
I had to find out the more
difficult way. That stinky old
reactive mind is a dinger, if
you let it get away with some
of these aberrated computations. What we keep buried in
our subconscious will bury us,
eventually, unless we bring tHe
computation to light and do
some clear re-evaluations
about life. . .
"If all your predictors,
such as Friedman and Apsel,
would modify their predictions
by saying: 'This is my attitude towards the future at
present', it would be a little
more honest than saying, 'Look
at the coming events!' When
people stop saying OM-TIM
when it Dian IN-HERE business,
there is less confusion spread
around. To me, Armageddon is a
symbol of individual inwardwar. It is my opinion that it
will never occur on a world
basis." -- Marijane Auttall,
Lakeside, Calif.
"To any and all who claim
to have contacted an outerspace ship and have communicated with its ohter-space travellers;
"To any and' all who claim
to have communicated with entities from other planets;
"To any and all who are in
communication with an entity
from the Heaven World who
teaches that Atlantis existed;
"To any and all who have
communication with entities in
the Heaven World who teach
that reincarnation is not true;
"To any and all these I
will prove:
"1. There are no ships from
outer space
"1 There are no human carnate entities elsewhere than

here on earth
"3. There never was an At1 antis heed:2! a word, in advance.
"4. Reincarnation is a fact.
"All this I will prove thru I WILL NOT he41 oe; I