Volume 5, Issue 5, page 14

suggesting a change subscribed Ron. (Enjoy the other arti- pastoral counselor -- a better
to it when it was called The Iles, thole job with more pay.

ABERREE, so what could you "Well, in a small way, let "How about all this? It is
gain? Maybe you ought to mail me tell you a little something n't much, is it? But it's a
out a questionnaire to non- good I've been able to get whole lot too, isn't it?
readers asking why they don't done. since taking the training "If individuals can be
subscribe. Very few if any at the Academy in Washington. trained in short periods of
will answer that they like the "I personally co ac hed a time to help others in these
stuff you put in the magazine Methodist minister in the corn- various ways via Dianetics and
but don't like the name. munication formula and emo- Scientology, why not spread
"Actually a name loses its tional tone scale while he was the good news?" -- J. Harold
meaning as an ordinary word reading the books, 'Dianetics', Thibodeau, Myrtle Beach, S. C.
when it becomes a paper name. 'Science of Survival ' , a n d 4 4 4
When we say 'The ABERREE', we 'Fundamentals of Thought'. "When one reads "A Look Indon't mean 'One who has strayed "For several years his wife to the Future" -- summer forefrom the path'; we mean 'That has been despondent, lazy, and cast by Apsel -- and compares it
delightful and informative inclined to be slovenly. Would- to the news of today, it falls
magazine published by Alphia n't keep her house in order, apart completely. No touch on
Hart and spouse'. If you change etc. She blamed herself for the Mid-east situation. Some
the name, it will take some of the death of a younger brother writers write plenty of words,
us a little time to transfer who was burned to death, and give geographical locathat meaning to a different "After coaching the preach- tions, but nothing authentic.
word. It would have been a er on how to run the incident, Waste of time.
convenience to all concerned he actually ran ite It awed him "Another writer on your sagif I had entered life with a because he had never seen the azine, Thela Newcomer. I see
name that was pronounced the emotional tone scale run. She no truth whatsoever. Only the
way it was spelled, but if wailed, and dropped into al- wishful thinking like to read
I were to change it now, a most total apathy, grieved and such stuff. Both of these wrilot of people wouldn't know cried, became angry and direc- ters are full of contradicwhat to look for in the phone ted it at him, tried to break tions.
book when it's me they want, session, etc., became bored "Your best contributor is
so I'd lose touch with a lot and got silly, laughed compul- little Zero. I always go for
of old friends. sively, etc., and ended the his column first. More of him."
"It's a little like moving few -hour session with the -- Sidney Burton, White Plains,
your place of business to the charge completely lifted. N. P.
other side of town. The loca- "Briefly, this is how it (ED. NOTE -- The editor who
tion is inconvenient for many went without all the details. pleases ALL his readers all of
of your old customers, and Now she's cheerful and busy, the time has only one subpeople in the new neighborhood Her appearance is altered and scriber Himself.)
are pretty well satisfied with she is even running emotional 4 4 4
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ing with all these years. Which children when upsets occur -- tolM a
is why Benjamin Franklin said, and she's on the road to Sci- from Washington to get Clear.
'Three moves are as bad as a entology! One Scientologist remarked asfire'.. "Another pre-clear was a tutely that, having seen at
"How about getting someone Young lawyer who failed his least one "new clear" , he
to write us a series of arti- bar exam. and couldn't study thought it didn't do much good
Iles on Theosophy? I'd like to for re - examination. Walked to clear people who didn't
know what it's all about, and with his head down and ex- amount to much in the first
probably others would too." -- tremely non-communicative with place, since it only took away
Ed Calkins, Winnsboro, S.C. his wife, family, and friends, obstructions and didn't put in
(ED. Note -- Any Theosophists "MY preacher - student ran ,any abilities not already
in the audience handy with a him thru the rudiments, a la there...
typewriter?1 Academy style, and the boy hit "On the psionic (or
4 4 a valence so nasty and vile, 'he front, there are now definite"Writing a winning letter didn't want to repeat it to me.
was a surprise. I have, of well, the countenance of the
course, written just about the young lawyer has changed. He