Volume 5, Issue 5, page 12

Opinions are still coming The ABERREE was an unsuited years, and t h e addition of
in -- but at the time we offi- title for a magazine were sent five more years really puts
cially dropped the curtain on in by Scientologists who spe- his expiration date up into a
the "Shall we change the name?" cifically requested that their hypothetical future. In eight
contest, there was little doubt names not be mentioned in the years, anything can happen --
that The ABERREE had wormed magazine, nor their letters and probably will. We could
its way into the hearts of its printed. We take pleasure in even change the name.
readers, even if it wasn't respecting their wishes, and Most popular suggestion for
welcome on some coffee tables awarding first prize in this a different name, much to our
and reading stands. One hun- "Do change" category to Lee surprise, was SANITY -- and we
dred t h i r t y- seven persons Lockhart , of Grants , N. M. The congratulate these readers on
voted against any change what- judges reached an impasse on their astuteness and sense of
ever; 26 favored a change, and the "Do not change" enthusi- humor. Second choice would
an uncounted dozen or more asts, and finally narrowed have been some form of The INdidn't care much what we called down their selections to two . FINITE, which certainly was
it -- just so it appeared. Called in as arbiter, we de- tempting, inasmuch as it ties
Mathematicians and psychol- cided to give duplicate awards in so well with our organizaogists might take these fig- to both Stan Grady, of Greens- tion, "The Infinites " . Other
ures (and letters) and come up burg, Penn., for his facetious suggestions ranged from the
with some learned and amazing idea of supplying labels to sublime to the ridiculous -- and
statistics, but the two draft- the abashed, and Joe Zubris, we enjoyed every one of them.
ed "volunteers" who pored of Dorchester, Mass., who "got And why not? The ABERREE, as
thru the two piles of missives our dander up" by asking if we we so often rediscover, is all
were neither mathematicians were being "cause" or "effect", things to all people .
nor psychologists. One amusing point in this award Anyhow, Readers, we thank
Two of the letters offering is that Stan had just renewed You from the depths of our
the best arguments as to why his subscription f or three Harts.
you see with the dumb organic
eye radiations of light out
from man. For, if man is the
most perfect organism here, the
human kingdom being the greatest -- the Big Light, as it were
-- where else can these lesser
lights or emanations come from?
By looking outside all the
time and marveling at the gigantic extent of his projected
imperfection, man gets swallowed up in the complexity of
crossed actions; light or energy rays going out and being
resisted by the reflected rays
coming back. So he locks his
energy away from himself with
more and more foolish observations until he is so dizzy
he falls over dead in the 1 There must have been some returned to Milwaukee, minus a
grave. interesting few days when Seri- shade or two of ghostly pallor
So silly for him to think sitives Arthur $urks and Zoe that bowed before a plenitude
he can increase his own light Nickerson visited Phil Fried- of Oklahoma sun -- which can be
right here by looking at the man. 's also a-b-n sense- almost as bright as Arizona's,
source of light within him- tive, tho not in the same way) if not as devastating...
self. The world is too big, out at Florence, Ariz. However, 1 Thela Newcomer, who's been
too complex, too many books since Arthur an d Zoe passed writing art T-ce1 s on psychomfull of fear and acceptance of high over our heads, both go- etry for The ABEAM for nearthe unreal. By dying, he thinks ing and coming, and Phil, as ly a year, has declared herhe will escape something, and, usual, wrote little more than self a vacation while she gets
with an aberration set up by "Zero" about what went on out some co-auditing. Then, she
his father giving him things there, we can only salve our says, she'll be back. What
for nothing as he grew up, he curiosity, and yours, by bit- happens to a "sensitive" who
thinks some "Great Father" is ing our fingernails, until the "feels", if they get audited up
going to give him "gifts" time of revelation, like the to where they "know "? It might
after his day's work of exist- desert, blossoms into bloom -- be our readers are about to
ing in mental drunkenness here see the start of a world-shakis over. He just keeps coming memory. ing experiment... 1 For the
back over and over again, play- Getting more life by dying third year in succession, Flaring the fool -- but be does not is about as sensible as expect- din and Joanna alsh of -g s
know this, for the doddering ing more light from a flame Angeles av
le—ushered in the
drunk basks in a very poor by pouring water on it. dog-days by trying to drown
12 The 1:1B E R R E E -- -- SEPTEMBER, 1958
The Lord's Prayer
Plowing Up the Field
if you don't mind our mixed
metaphors... AWd at the other
end of the geographical scale,
we, here in Enid, or "Eden" ,
as Phil grants in his weird
manipulation of vowels and
consonants, had visitors of
our own. Jacob Ansel and Rose
Werra, also sensitive" or
medium ", spent nearly a week
on the "Harts' Half Acre" that
surrounds The ABERREE office --
a week of discussion and investigation, about which we
shall remain as secretive as
our Arizona compatriot. However, we can confess that the
pub., who was relieved of much
of her cooking chores during
the visit, admits it was like
a week's vacation, even tho it
was a week of unusual activity
at the office. And the visitors