Volume 5, Issue 5, page 5


Our ingress into the world
was naked and bare.

Our progress thru the world
is trouble and care.

Our egress from the world
will be, nobody knows where.
But if we do well here
we shall do well there.

And I could tell you no more
should I preach a whole year.
AN'S ENTIRE history may be summed
up briefly as a record of his use
and abuse of force. Behind him
lies a pathway illuminated firstly
with creations of awe-inspiring beauty,
to be followed so soon with the horrifying spectacle of insane destruction.

The belief that force can exist in isolation or disassociation in absolute and
continuing control, despite the centuries
of evidence to the contrary, is the fantasy upon which all secondary life games
continue to be played. So it is believed
that a Creator can exist in isolation
without the simultaneous co-existence of a
Creation. So it is believed that there
can ever be " a new Heaven and a new Earth
wherein dwelleth (only) righteousness,
and where nothing that defileth canenter ".
This may well be the most sublime prize
in all the games of believing fantasy. In
this grave hour, the portents all point
to another prophetic state, where man will
have maintained his games on belief to the
time where he has at last achieved "A
Temple filled with smoke for the glory of

It may well be, that in the not so
distant future, this lovely spherical
playground known as Planet Earth, with
its civilized areas so richly ornamented
with cathedrals and War Cemeteries, may
continue to rotate in space, only perceived by "The Gods", and as a mute and
tragic monument to the family of Man, in
an eternal symbol that he had learned
how, without previously, or at least simultaneously, learning why not to.

Let's have a look at this manifestation of energy in action to which we have
applied the term Force. There is an agreement which is not difficult to observe,
stating that "For every action there is
an equal and opposite reaction". All action and reaction is the resultant of potential force and potential counterforce.
operating via motion, which is the fundamental method whereby energy exists in
the formation of mass.

The fundamental unit of mass is an energy particle existing in motion as a
resultant of Thetan postulation to be and
not to be. The oscillation of this twin
postulation occurs in a frequency so numerically high that it can be stated that
"The moment of creation is the moment of

The postulation to be and not to be
provides the fundamental force and counterforce which enables the energy particle to continue in existence. Force and
counterforce can only co-exist, and the
existence of either without the presence
of the other is an impossibility.

The postulate to be can never overwhelm the postulate not to be, nor can
the postulate not to be ever overwhelm
the postulate to be. Could this ever take
place in either direction, we would then
have the absolute in direction, which is
already known to be unattainable.

The absolute is unattainable due to
the operation ofa single fundamental law,
to which all energy, mass, and action are
indebted for continuing existence. This
is the law of limitation of action direction.

Continuing existence is the only existence which can ever be known. Origins
and terminations are states in fantasy,
and have only acceptance in belief. The
absolute of no thing either preceding an
origin or succeeding a termination is unattainable, and can never be other than an
essential lie upon which foundation all
secondary games must rest. We must note
that t h e l i e grants existence to the
truth, and each can only ever be relative
to the other, since an absolute lie or an
absolute truth is unattainable.

This law of limitation of action direction is not the whimsical or "all wise"
dispensation from some "Divine Intelligence" having solid counterparts in wood,
brass, or white marble, and so remarkably
akin in appearance to that of Homo Sapiens. Nor is it a decree from that so long
enthroned queen, "Mother Nature". Action
is limited in direction BECAUSE IT IS THE

Forces in action in the physical universe are so complex that it is extremely
difficult to observe this law in control,
and we must approach the atom in its most