Volume 5, Issue 5, page 11

An Emancipating Look at Christ's Most Misquoted Sermon
ATT. 6:9-13. (Dr.Lamsa's translation from Aramaic.) "Our
Father in Heaven. Hallowed be
Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Let Almighty, why am I imperfect?" Very simThy will be done, as in Heaven so on pie. Because you recognize and accept imEarth. Give us bread for our needs from perfection and the actually transitory
day to day. And forgive us our offenses, state of the mental-physical body as an
as we have forgiven our offenders. And do established or finished state. By acceptnot let us enter into temptation, but de- ing disease, death, fear, opposition,
liver us from error. Because Thine is the irritation, sorrow, anger, the organic
kingdom and the power and the glory for body system, the mental vapors that arise
ever and ever. Amen." from it as intelligence, you pray these
As the real writings of ancient script very expressions into expressing over and
were in present tense, and there are also over again, you deliberately refuse to let
explanations of why a person should ac- your REAL SELF grow and come into BEing.
cept the desired goal as already accom- We accept this world as it is and do
plished, this Lord's Prayer, if actually not oppose it, regardless of how foolish
all from the true teaching, would read man is, for if we oppose the false outer
something like this: expression, we also oppose the essence
"I AM the Father in Heaven." (Oral that is within. The essence of man is
Code explanation would be: The Heaven perfect, but what he has prayed into exwithin is my own Life Potential for Per- pression is a false front and has no
fection.) "Great and mighty and all-redeeming is my Law. My kingdom is come. My
will is done in the body. Daily I increase
in the power coming from my perfect Being." (This "forgive" is so of the world
of man, the mental law functioning, that
to fit it to a regeneratively acting law
is almost impossible. So one would naturally assume it an interpolation.)
It could be: "I am taking up the resistances of my bondages and redeeming
the elemental essences from a static
state to one of kinetic expression. I do
not regard the imperfect state as one of
reality. I am not tempted to recognize
the transient and incomplete states but
only recognize the full expression of
Life and the True Form of Being. I am, by
my own redeeming action, overcoming the
errors of partial expression.
"Mine is. the kingdom and I am the
Power and My Light is the Glory, forever
and eternal."
Even tho one frees himself from the
drunkenness of belief, he still has the
effects of a hangover where simple common
sense is just a little beyond reach. Let
us take an "aware" look at, "I am NOT of
this world': Then let us correct " I shall
be in you and you in me..." to present
tense as it should be, to "I AM in you and
you are ME." Then you ask, "If I AM God
SEPTEMBER, 1958 The A B E R R E E 11
EDITOR'S NOTE -- Probably the most quoted, and
misquoted, of Christ's purported words are taken
from His "Sermon on the Mount", and especially-'
the section which has been labeled "The Lord's
Prayer". Taken literally, and as the churches interpret it, few other Biblical teachings can so
confuse and stultify the thinking of Man. But
what did Christ mean in these words, which He
gave to His disciples after withdrawing from the
multitude? Did He really mean that all words
other than "Yea" and "Nay" "cometh of evil"? Does
"Our Father, which art in Heaven", deliberately lead
us into temptation? The accompanying dissertation
by Rev. Wayne Trubshaw, of Marysville, Wash., may
give a few thoughts worthy of pondering -- or at
least invite a look at something which too often
is parroted without thought or understanding.
value, so why oppose that of no value?
"The mind is the slayer of the Real."
The scientist can really find no reason
for man dying. His normal state would be
to live and grow naturally into a -perfect
being. But he prays to stay in hell and
in hell he stays. The mind does not have
to be the slayer of the real, it does not
have to believe and accept the effects of
man's prayers, down thru the centuries,
as unchangeable. It takes no courage to
accept l i f e , expect to live and get
younger instead of older, but if you are
loaded with fear, the courage cannot get
out. "The wisdom of man is foolishness to
God." Why? Because the so-called wisdom
and knowledge of life of the Philosopher
and the sage is just a more intense acceptance of death.

How dumb can people get? God is in
Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven is within, yet they will worship an "image " , an
"imagination", outside.

Life here in this very minute expression functions as a reflection, and man,
with his mind, goes out to the outer reflection, and seeing it coming back, sets
up the great theory of evolution. How did
the figure of the man get in the amoeba?
Because the amoeba is merely a reduced
ray of light from the man. So is all that