Volume 5, Issue 5, page 16

the varied points of view which
you allow to be expressed.
Even Mr. Friedman reduced your
expression of try - angle to
three A's: Alphia, Alice, Aberree, and within this tryangle, your own Aberkadabera.
"Received a report on the
last Conference, which w a s
actually a report on the people
who attended the Conference.
Ennyhoo , the report was that
Ron's tone seems to have been
raised, and that only one person appeared relatively undressed. The long hair, beards ,
and sandals have disappeared.
"Here's an approach at invention. . . Had a man whose
problem, he said, was drinking, so I had him mock up, invent, new ways to get drunk.
Should have seen his tone rise
when he conceived bf getting
drunk on air, particles of
light, music, the sun. the
water in the stream, the sap
of trees, chants, dancing ,
planets, the universe. Of
course he swung from I AM NOT
to the top of the scale, but
was not grounded, but what a
rise in tone.
"Another .an came merely to
communicate. It w a s a hot
night, and he was all dressed
up. I saw his ^isery,and said,
'Why don't y o u scratch ? ' H e
had skin disease. He exploded
when I said that. 'My God!' he
said. 'You are the first person who ever said that to me.
Everyone has been trying to
stop me from scratching.'
"'Mell, it's your own body,
isn't it?'
"'No, by Godl it isn't mine .
Everybody telling me what to
do with it.'
"It is startling to find
out how many people do not own
their own body, and aren't
really aware of this." -- Alberta Elliott, Greenville,S.C.

I'^ being real interested
in the Tone Scale, in terms of
flow, published in '54 (?1. Do
you have any more? ... You and
Carroll Hennick did a fine
piece of research, I still
think. I find it useful. In
that issue of The ABERREE , your
editorial was 'And for That,
They Get Medals' . Sad, but
still true." -- Jon fenworthy,
Philadelphia, Penn.
"We have achieved the greatest breakthru in the history
of el ectropsychometry - - a n d
perhaps in the entire history
of drugless healing. This will
be designated as the -EMBER
system. FIBER is an abbreviation of Electropsychometrically-Monitored Bionuclear Energy-flow Reversal. The system
is an integration of electropsych ometrically - monitored

body !scanning, chirothesia
(healing t h r u laying on of
hands), reversal of distorted
bionucleonic energy flow patterns -- and an entirely novel
yet utterly simple technique
f o r reactivating the basic
CAUSE -- the when, where, why,
how of the illness or disease,
wherein relevant mental pictures are caused swiftly to
appear in the mind of the examinee. T h i s reactivating
technique has been discovered
by Dr. Jonas B. Miller, a na