Plowing Up the Field

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¶ You read occasionally of one sending
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with incomplete addresses -- tion, Tom says
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or symbol or two on the out- ial charge of
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formed, second class mail will she permitted
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zone number on it, where ap- success of -TM
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get your ABERREE (or any other at the same t:
magazine or newspaper, for newal of inter
that matter), you'd better see on the part of
that the publisher has that well as their
all-important little digit as come back, Fra
Part of your address -- that is, or so ago, Rol
your city is large enough Wakefield , R.
to use a zone system... ¶ what was cleaning ot
started out to be one of the and if we were
better types of news letters -- send us some "WAS -- IS -- WILL BE', published tion magazines
by George and Z7oe Nickerson of of this type
120 Kenmar Dr., Newark, Del. -- gladly accepte(
after only five issues, we were quite
graduating to the printed class the Expressm
with the next production, ac- cartons in our
cording to an editorial in the and announced t
August number. And it's about 96 pounds! Wh
time! Started only as a means to find a par
of reporting in detail on front of the of
the activities of a local them up and to
study group, WAS -- IS -- WILL BE the "annex"— has added letters, book re- building when
views, and signed articles to work is done the extent that the current while our nel
issue has 38 8'ixll pages. We television, or
know from the early experien- opened them.
ces with a mimeographed ABER- stacking more
REE that getting out this many ed magazines
pages, and keeping up a high around us, we
printing quality, such as is one person co
found in WAS -- IS -- WILL BE -- can time to read
be quite a Job, even if there zines during on
are listed nearly a dozen as- alone a few yea
sistants on the staff: George that we, too,
once said that they hoped that heyday, had con
'in a year or so we might much science
graduate to something like The before us—yet
ABERREE!" , and at the rate of the evidence
improvement noted since that problem: How i
letter was written, it looks are we going
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REE is going to magazines read, and still pubits laurels, if lish a magazine, as well as
nyway, it's nice operate our printing plant?
enthusiasm with And -how can we do our work
Zoe, and their with all that fascinating matacked the prob- terial stacked on the floor
ication and dis- just begging to be read?...
information, for ¶ Rev. ,]3m )Yel gog of Faird is so hungry... hope , Af a , , who mocked up an
lication which acreage estate for his Human
owing Pains" is Engineering to be paid off in
Fairbanks (604 almost nothing flat, has boll Church, Va.) stered his "faith" that it
the PHILETHO, could be done with a couple
im is the forma- mortgages that give him a lit)e church" church " where tie more time. Which puts Jim
rgue, study , and down more or less on our level
ther in such ac- -- except we started out with
weiner roasts, the mortgages in the first
he like. To date
place... ¶ Fred Hand , Houston,
ending his odd- says we made so many mistakes
as bad as "The in our little squib last month
lication to any- about his teeth that it was a
im postage, but bit confusing, even to him.
enough circula- For example. he doesn't owe
he intends to for his new teeth, they're paid
t, with an init- for. And they have NOT been
$1 for 4 issues. installed yet, by gum! Sorry,
here's a rumor Fred, but fr that, you can
ances Berglund, take a bite out of our anatomy
t., San Pablo, -- which ought to cure us of
nking of reviv- misreading your letters...
NICATOR ", which ¶ One of the first things Bob
to die a year or (Bernard) Boss did after Ce
taking it over got his name on a shiny new
ds, Revival and auditing certificate was to
es`e news letters move from New York city to
that there has, Cedarhurst, L. I. And next on
me, been a re- the list, Bob says, is turning
est, and faith, professional auditor, but that
the editors, as will have to wait until he can
readers... Wei- get a job and pay off his
tes ...¶ A month debts...

LaMarche, of
¶ This probably is hardly
„ told us he worth mentioning, but there
t his closets, may be a couple ABERREE readinterested, he'd
ers interested in knowing that
old science-fit- they (and we) are the only
. Being habitues four former followers of a
of reading, we certain so-called "clearing
d his offer -- but house" who have not been notiunprepared when
an dumped fied that their once-invalidated certificates are valid
crowded aisle,
hat they weighed again, and, if they can afford
ed it, they now can have these
n we were able
king certificates "retreaded"
space in quite
fice, we loaded reasonably. We were going to
ok them home to offer an autographed copy of
the new "Scrub Oaks" to each of these
much of the "two" as a sort of consolation
on The ABERREE (if being "cause" isn't enough
hbors look at reward in itself), but a check
go to bed -- and of our supply shows we have
s we started fewer than 250 copies of the
han 300 assort- book left, and we didn't want
on the floor to print a special edition for
ere amazed that the part of the "two" we were
uld find enough unable to console... ¶ While
his many maga- on the subject of the subject
e lifetime, let we're on, we might mention
rs. Yet we knew that this particular ISIBDTA
in our reading has done another about -face
sumed just as and now contends that radiaiction as was tion from all these H-bomb
we hadn't kept tests won't hurt you;. that to
Now, we have a say it does is playing into the
all tarnation hands of those awful Russkis'
o get all these (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 19)