Volume 4, Issue 7, page 12

way to turn the analyzer on, of course,
and there are times when other ways are
simpler or better. But it works. Using
it, any human being can become "clear"—
at least temporarily. Using it again and
again, he hits "clear" again and again.
As time goes on, the sharpness and vividness of his "clear" periods grows; one
day he suddenly discovers that he is
"clear" most of the time; eventually he
knows he will be "clear" all of the time.

Altho Analytical Procedure works, we
have found many other tools that work
equally well. We have found that a combination of tools, adapted to the needs of
the individual, works best. We developed
spirit who cannot withdraw from a body at
will is engaged, insofar as the spirit is
concerned, ina certain level of insanity.
He has reached the state where he is unwilling and unable to withdraw. As he becomes aware thru certain exercises that
he doesn't have to withdraw, that he is
already there, what does this do to you?
This gives you instantaneous freedom -- an
awareness that you have never been trapped
in a body that you cannot get away from.
You are not even in a body. The body is
within you, and you already are everywhere and you can focus your attention
anywhere, any time you wish. When you become aware that you are within other bodies, these other spirits, and that they
are you, you discover you no longer have
to defend your position. You can communicate directly, because you are them.

I doubt if you could talk with anyone
if you weren't willing to become them to
the extent of duplicating their vibration
patterns. When you look at someone, you
become them. Without being them, you
could not even see them.

You have seen people, perhaps been around them, in whose proximity you felt
good? You didn't have to talk to them, or
communicate with them -- it was just good
to be there. Such people are able to
reach out and be the space in the room,
and to grant other beings the right to be
there and the right to communicate with
them if they wish. There is an actual
transference of energy that takes place.
We call it the granting of beingness. The
granting of beingness is actually the
giving of energy, because beingness is
energy, and energy in motion is life.

When you can first grant another individual the right to be there and then
grant him the right to exist as another
being and exist within you, and within
your awareness as Totality, what happens?
You discover that you do not do to any
other individual what you would not do to
yourself -- because you are that other individual. This is written in many ways --
these scientifically, using precise,
technical concepts. But we now have developed Synergetics to the point where we
can say with assurance:
You can become a permanent "clear",
without a technical knowledge of Synergetics.

You can become a permanent "clear", by
yourself, without the aid of an auditor
or a coach.

The astute reader will have noted that
a revolutionary develojmzent is implied by
these statements.

This development is called "Operation
Stable". It will be described in the next
and final article of this series.

in the Bible and other holy books: "Do
unto others as you would have them do
unto you . "
As you become aware of this Totality,
this smoothness of operation, this state
of awareness, of being everywhere, being
all things, you'll discover that you ARE
the snake in the grass and that you can
create love in the snake area and the
snake will not bite you. Indians have a
peculiar quality about them; They never
get bitten by snakes. Why? Because they
call them their little brothers. They are
willing to BE the snakes and other animals.

This is true of people. When you discover that you are other people, they
cease to be your enemies. You can communicate even with strangers. You might be
able to talk to them, even, when you
grant them the right to exist.

In other words, you "feed the flock of
God", and in processing we take the oversight, the unawareness, the unlookingness, the unwillingness to repair communication, to repair the body areas' damages we caused our own bodies, and remove
it. We can take the oversight of being so
degraded that we have to bombard other
people with heavy emotions to belittle
them, to knock them down tone scale so
that we will feel superior and they will
not destroy us.

Acceptance processing—in which you
put your attention on a problem and then
accept it back into you as Totality -- is
the highest level of activity. Sometimes
ridges and patterns of emotions are pretty solid and won't give. But you resist
it and let go, resist it and let go, and
then you can accept it back into you. You
break down these oversights, these areas
of unknowingness, and you get over the
constraint, t h e tremendous desire and
compulsion to resist, and you discover
that your problems no longer are negative
ones, that you then can create communication on the level Spinoza talks about
when he says, "Perception and action to
fit the eternal perspective of the whole".

The size of your picture needs to be
extended to that which you already are.
(Next month -- Joanna on Spinoza)
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