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not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxi
who offer to sell him what he already has.

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WHAT HAPPENS To a world whipped into o
IF YOU LOOK, which has sur- plants of an
CAN'T THINK? vived countless they unsuspecti
wars, poisoned are watching a
food and soil, and is now do- to prevent a s
ing prettywell in spite of on a nationa ruthless military which in- scale? Nor need
sists on poisoning the air ted to the sale
with radiation from A- and H- either. In the
bomb tests, there may be an ruthless and
idea that the human mind is advertising co
able to create survival fac- riots, wars, u
tors to counteract any man- no one the wis
made threat. But what happens other than the
when one of the most insidious is ridiculous t
threats is aimed directly at notism and suss
control of the mind itself? no influence
In one of the so-called mind of the pe
panaceas for all mental, phys- notized, as an
ical, and spiritual ills, one hypnotizer wil
of its slogans for awhile was is doubtful if
"Look, don't think". But with even a dozen ta
the revelation that dabblers at the movie
in psychology have come up peace-loving
with a new control potential , murdering robot
called 'subliminal" (below the nefarious impla threshold) advertising, it may for weeks, or
be that those with eyes to see degree to whi
and a brain lulled into non- thinking can be
thinkingness will _find that stimulus ofwa
the long-anticipated robot has da and simul
been built -- and they're it! show to what e3
Ibisnew control weapon was hate lie at the
revealed a few weeks ago after mally calm and
a six-week test in a New Jer- my-brother hear
sey theater, during which ad- What can be
vertising suggestions were can be done oi
flashed on the screen at five- screen, bringi
second intervals, with the re- advertising in
suit that sales of soft drinks the direct cont
in the lobby jumped 18.1 per- are tuned in.
cent and popcorn sales were up make this type
57.7 percent. The suggestions, private rights
although too fast for the con- have only to
scious mind to notice, acted universal dist
upon the subconscious, with boring comer(
quite satisfactory (from the the fact that '
viewpoint of the experimen- cials would dc
ters) results. For the audi- gram stops.
ence, there probably was no gument, but to
immediate harm in being guin- ofa torn throat
ea-pigged into buying cokes tle use to
and popcorn they ordinarily the tiger he 1E
would have done without. made a beautif However, now that it has the room had
been demonstrated that 45,699 to curl up befc
movie-goers can be mentally Already, thE
' a f c e . n T a Anp
ant Voice of "TheN many controls and efforts to
ea" for Earth, Mara, force opinions upon others -- as
e Pluto, Venus, and io the churches, medical assort,
dokumzruakehen. "iations, charity drives, and
i the like. But these are controls we can see and evaluate, bruary and July- keeping their claws trimmed
ma, U. S. A. with our thinkingness. Turn
U.S.A. these groups loose on the puble copies, 25¢ lic with a blank check to fill
Postoffice our minds with implants we can
D. Scn. , F. spa., not see, or even know are being shown us -- as was done at
pr. ETC. the New Jersey theater -- and we
enema of Man is can concoct a new definition
s, or "experts" for man :
s from issue to DUPED DOPES .
his own and only WORK, DESIRE Elsewhere in
TO CHANGE ARE this issue is
: double if you MOST NEEDED! an article by
ce 30 days prior Don Purcell, in
which he reaches a conclusion
as to the effectiveness of
beying the im- processing under Synergetics.
dvertiser while Purcell makes this statement
ng suppose they only after several years of
movie, what is time and money spent-on reimilar campaign search and investigation into
or world-wide the field of mental theraoy.
it be restric- The ABERREE has a lot of
of confections, respect for any conclusions
hands of a man, Don Purcell may have reached.
ambitious, such If Don says Synergetics works,
uld well incite we believe that Don has disprisings, with covered that 4ynergetics will
er as to cause do just that. But that does
promoters. It not necessarily mean that The
o say that hyp- ABERREE itself is switching to
estion can have an indorsement of Synergetics,
or evil on the any more than it has in the
rson being hyp- pastr conscientious Too mally will read Purcell 's
1 tell you. It article, and see in it only an
one or two or indorsement of one particular
o-hour sessions "ism". But we hope most of you
would turn a will go even further than
itizen into a that. We hope most of you will
, but what if a read twice, or even more often,
nt was repeated his statement that, in order
ven months? The to make Synergetics work, two
ch a nation's things are necessary: A dechanged by the cision to WORK, and a decision
-timepropagan- to CHANGE. In the first case,
ted patriotism the decision to work must be
tent murder and followed with positive action.
bottom of nor- Only then can one expect real-l"the-world's- suits .
te. This is in line with what
done at a movie The ABERREE has been saying
a television for lo! these many moons.
g "subliminal " AnY process will work, to the
to the home for extent we want it to work, if
rol of all who we make it work! Dianetics,
hose wishing to Scientology, Synergetics, nor
of invasion of anything else is going to do
more acceptable anything FOR you. You do it!
point out the And the results you get will
ste for long, be the results you want -- just
ials, and cite as you now are what you must
'unseen" comer- have decided at some time in
away with pro- your life you wanted to be, or
attractive ar- were willing to be. As users
the person dead of bodies in a universe where
, it is of lit- bodies are the piece de resisoint out that terece, we alone are responsit in would have ble for what those bodies are,
ornament to what they look like, how they
he been content feel, and what they do. And we
re the fire. alone are responsible for any
_ -- lA ,._- i -- nhanonc in thnan hr.Aina tan