Volume 3, Issue 9, page 4

before you can extend your wisdom on others. (Then, after a slight pause): Ready is
he who stands with his feet on the ground.
"Then he could reach out among the
D -- Youth is of age. Is age not wiser?
During this session, I asked about some
methods of self-improvement from Wichita
and elsewhere.

D -- Harmless. You are your own surveyor.
Old ruts must be filled solid to make a new
road or the wheels will go down in the
quicksand of Life 's estaolished aberrations.

Filling the old ruts, I am sure, means
substituting good patterns of conduct,
thought, and emotion for bad ones. This
must be kept up long enough that the old
patterns are disintegrated from disuse.
There can, therefore, be no quick method of

The cult we had been following he characterized as a "catapult of minds, from
infant to adult".

Apparently, you can establish a temporary new personality for special purposes,
like acting or selling. This is done by
many persons and is done by a process of
imagination, or make-believe. They always
fall back into the old habits, however, unless by earnest effort and labor they gradually "fill up the old ruts".
"Foundations must be built slowly,
strong," he had said. Note that word "slowly". There can be no catapult.

I took a job as a welder at a good wage.
I felt that this work fitted better in our
new program than selling had.
(Oct. 14). D -- Rest is sweet to him who
earns it. The heaven within unfolds in
peace. The wise man fills his cup that they
who follow in the night may catch the overflow; and water turns to wine for those who
have the wit to see the amber glow.
"Interesting pastime, I'd say;' Clara remarked.

D -- Small pebbles have their value too,
as any child can tell you.
"Dynamo, you really have something on
the ball," I told him.

D -- A better word was spoken by the ancients.
"What is that word?"
D -- He who is ready knows.
"In other words, I am not ready?"
D -- You will be in time, and you will
know that you know.
on October 19, we met a man who had been
often in the limelight. We told him about
the Dynamo experience. He reacted with hostility. The Dynamo lectured us for breaking
the silence.

D -- Silence is the key. Great deeds are
not scattered like snowflakes to melt in
the sun. You talk and they talk with no
thought but of show. Life is death and
death is life, and between the two there is
no strife. But when science forgets its
goal, the vultures hover. These false gods
have vital ties to lend their puppets
seeming life. But pity them who look down.
They need your help in the evening lest
sunlight bare their souls. See-saw is no
fun when there is only one, but a hungry
lion has no sense of humor.
"Secrecy is the thing?"
D -- Yes, it helps concentration. Too many
errors arrest development.

T 11... A 1
It was true. Invalidation could have
weakened our determination.

On November 7, we had been discussing
an individual who, we thought, was not managing his affairs as he should. Clara criticised him roundly and I mostly agreed with

D -- Solve your own problems first.
"What's this all about?" I asked.
"He's talking about aime," Clara told me.
D -- Deep is the well of contagion.
"Of aberration?" I asked.

D -- Of ideas. Good or bad, they may be
had for the asking.
"Why do people try to solve other peoples's problems and neglect their own?"
D -- Over the hill the wind is still blowing
Rose leaves and tea leaves and ashes
of growing.

The witches' brew of time
Sends some descending, others cltmb.
"We should send this to a magazine, and
sign 'A. Dynamo's' name as author," I said.

D -- The elfins are laughing!
Unto each the gift of heaven is the
yeast that makes the leaven. Knead lightly.

At the time we got this, I thought he
was talking about the sense of humor, but
now it appears to me he meant by "Gift of
Heaven" "God-given talent". That is what
makes people vain, or puffed up.

But don't puncture the balloon of his
pride too much. Kid him lightly and give
him a chance to deflate himself, when he
begins to see his true proportions. This
would be very apropos of the situation at
that time. The fellow in question was talented and vain.
unfriendly criticism is, of course, contrary to the law of love.
(Nov. 9) D -- The stars in the heavens are
there today
And give no thought that they are to

Tomorrow is another day.

The child sees only the brightest ones.
The things of the future, the distance
he shuns.

You are the retrievers of older ones.
"Was Socrates's `Familiar Spirit' his
Dynamo?" I asked.

D -- Yes. Under the heavens the guides are
"Could a familiar be a discarnate human
D -- Not fancy but fact is the truth, if
Who hear what is offered can understand
That fact and fancy go hand in hand.

The lace on the table, the mantle of
Appeal to the eyes of the ones who are
And those who are not use the gift at
And weave of them a fancy fable.
"You're getting better all the time," I

D -- The method of practice makes the

The method of practice makes the musician.

But no method of practice can make erudition.
"I meant, your communication with us is