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Why Religions of Earth Have Fa
Peace Ccitc v HE LETTERS, "C-U-R-E", which have been
adopted as a distinguishing symbol
for the "City of Dawn Plan", are the
initials for a proposed Combined and
United Religions of the Earth. CURE's
goal is to set in motion the use of certain
scientific laws of engineering psychology
and philosophy in an attempt to bring about
a universal brotherhood of man, and a workable peace on earth between religions, nations, and races of man.

It is beyond argument that the same
brand of scientific engineering know-how
that wins wars, when applied to the job of
winning a peace, can and will get desired
results in the world's job of winning a
solid and lasting peace on earth. As such,
the City of Dawn Plan could be said to be
the highest ideal and aspiration of a civilized world, as well as a daring scientific engineering achievement.

It has required nearly 200 years and a
vast, uncountable sum of the people's money
to develop the war machine of which the
United States of America now boasts.

But what of a peace machine? Would it
not be even more wise to have a Secretary
of Peace in the President's Cabinet than it
is to have a Secretary of War? Is it not
greater wisdom to build as many peace colleges as we have war colleges and warrior
training set-ups?
It does seem more logical to spend the
people's money for a peace machine to create the love of God in the hearts of our
own people than it does to create hate in
the hearts and races of men, who would desire to invade and smash this beautiful
land of the U.S.A. in its smug, self-satisfied arrogancy.

There are several distinct reasons why
T _ a
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~p r
alley of Peace". On the slopes of these lowe-strewn hills, plans call for the erection of
awn" -- with the old rock wall in the center of
we providing a nucleus for "The Holy City".
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EDITOR'S NOTE-Last Spring, when we visited Ed.
Milligan at Lone Wolf and discussed his "City of
Ann', we saw a dream. It was just such a dream as
many other idealists have formulated thruout the
centuries -- yet this one was dressed in theatrical
bangles and spangles by a goateed showman.

After our visit, we told ABERREE readers we'd
report again when '[pcle TM' had turned his first
spadeful of dirt for his holy city -- but almost a
year later, the low rolling Wicbitas still slelep
in undisturbed unawareness of the mighty destiny
which has been imaged up for thea.

But tho the hills may be quiet, Uncle Edward
isn't, and his frequent bulletins which rip the
hide off the churches and their dignified pulpit
puppets are ambivalent gems -- scorning false Gods
on the one hand and lauding the Master Creator on
the other. Hoping to capture some of this circusposter material for readers of The AB1, we
asked "Uncle Ed" for an article -- which is printed
herewith. But the letter that accompanied it, we
feel, is such more the Ed. Milligan we know than
is the article.

So, we're giving you them both. Anyway, with
the entire world straining to tear at each other's
throats, this panacea for war certainly deserves
more attention than it seems to be receiving even
from organisations allegedly dedicated to peace.

the religions of the earth have failed the
earth's people, to bring about a workable
brotherhood among nations and races of men.

One is: They were not and are not now
united in a common cause.

What this old earth needs is to hear the
command to "Fall in!' and line up for world
peace. This is a most important item in the
City of Dawn engineering plan: World mobilization for peace on earth, under the Supreme Authority of the MasterCreator of
the Universe, vested in CURE. Because the
nations of the earth do not and will not
recognize any other authority, peace on