Dear Editor

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"Each year, about this time, I "Let me as:
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receive in addition to your in- group (Natural
teresting and informative maga- behind Nichols
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I propose to avoid for a consid- "Strangely
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manner: and practised,
"You will find enclosed a per- and cents are
sonal check in the amount of $20, least of nese
covering, at the current rate, them could not
some ten years' subscription to into words (al
the ABERREE, a period of time and would), but
which would be somewhat reduced there is in
if you ever fulfil your threat to somewhere, or
increase the tariff. made certain la
"Basically, I enjoy your pub- of which vast]
lication, but the hour is late and pleasure a n d
I will have to close without go- here, right no
ing into the details" -R. G. Os- set of laws t
borne, Los Angeles, Calif. to understate
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"The current, December, Aber- agriculture, b
ree is a humdinger. the land deter
'Phil Friedman, in having the the diet. I hE
courage (and it took courage!) to met a lot of
admit that his aberrations are can tell you t
him, has made a statement which the most active
is worth 100 hours of processing, ters it has b
at least... meet, and they
"Regarding the three terms you enough members
quote: thetan, MEST, engram. This ing things o
gives me an opportunity to unload vote. The main
my mind, so here goes: In my hum- for love of mc
ble opinion, L R11 made a great America are be]
mistake in taking the Greek let- ed to death by
ter "theta" for labeling his con- terating, refit
cepts of soul, spirit, mind, im- I doubt if yo
mortal, thought, etc. Dictionary them who think
and other reference books will picable, sinfu
tell you that, in ancient Greece. "Since the
theta was the unluckiest letter adulteration,
of the Greek alphabet, for it was not only doing
the initial of 'thanatos (death) ', money, but hair,
and the letter 'theta' was even ted very lam
written, in certain kinds of bal- effort such as
loting, as a death-vote! Thy a very differe
couldn't he have taken some other concerned dona
letter, like zeta, psi, sigma, or ergy, and in
omega? The choice of phi for MEST for no other r
was far more fortunate, and our to show their
talk of Scientology wouldn't be is, in fact, a
so messed-up if we talked of phi some responsib
instead. Yet, from a general se- upon himself
mantic point of view, :BEST is man he must be
s., TLa AI
e s s h wc s s b v v i d a Ros h f h d t e m e y n-elementalistic'. -- not a decrepit cripple.
an doctrine postu- "All the 'ics', 'ologies', or
er, energy, space, 'isms' in the worlwill do lit nseparable. Going tle to really help an individual
nt, the term the- unless and until he is willing
ed a tremenrTous and able to take a close look and
understanding in see why and how his body ticks,
I have belonged and if it isn't ticking properly,
eard it as Satan, why not. And then, to fix it and
e were advocating to stop doing whatever it was
I have avoided that made it need fixing. It is
ch as much as pos- quite true that thoughts, atti very reason. En- tudes, engrams, and all such do
e, is fully sane- have a very considerable effect
isal academic psy- on a person, but, if all or most
late 19th century, of his energy can be used to re od choice of term. lease -- understand -- disperse -- blow
ow many booklets I such things, progress is faster.
I came out with a If the body is healthy, more and
e called GYRONET- more-of the individual's energy
to spin people?" -- can be used directly for this
s Angeles, Calif. purpose, instead of a high per . cent being wasted purely and sim ure you that the ply in body maintenance and re Fbod Associates) pairs.
(Dr. Joe D. Mich- "Combining their theories with
ery far from wail- a little basic Dianetics can and
erse. This outfit does produce some remarkably fast
ed in 14 states, results...
ng along soon, and "Thanks for the Infinite card.
oing things to im- I was particularly interested to
re of their fellow get your letter, because you have
al convention will mentioned several times that the
ck, Ark., Feb. 14- Aberree does not present your own
want to meet some or anyone else's views, particul ting and devoted arly, so your letter gave me a
esitate to ankle little better idea which way you
aim. Cheer yourself up by reali enough, the main zing that there are large groups
h by most of them, who very specifically do not
is that dollars measure success in terms of ac just about the quisition of money and/or goods,
ssities. Many of and that there are many others
put the following who do not admit to an avenging
though a lot could God (this, incidentally, is just
they assume that about a Christian monopoly, and
act a God around Christianity has nothing whatso Creator, who has ever to do with the teachings of
ws, the observance Jesus Christ, who had a lot on
.y enhances one's the ball.)...
evolution, right ''Like yourself, we don't take
w. The particular it very seriously, and so manage
ey pick on to try to have lots of fun in one way or
completely are another; since change we must,
o do with diet and whether we like it or not, we
cause the state of simply steer the change, as it
ines the state of were, so that the right results
ve been around and follow as naturally as possible."
these folk, and I -- Mort Jaquays, Sutton, (,Lebec.
hey are just about
bunch of go-get- "We appreciate your editorial
en my pleasure to Will politics boost or kill Sci will soon have entology?' It is well taken. We
to start influenc- were at that Congress, and it
sheer weight of does set one to wondering. There
agreement is that, is good in Dianetics, but how to
ney, the people of get away from the commercial as ng quickly poison- pect that seems to be developing.
way of food adul- So many auditors we meet seem to
ing, and such like. be thinking of how can I talk
u will find any of this fellow into forking over a
of man as a des- certain amount, and it isn't
1 worm. small either, instead of trying
people doing the to figure how much can I give
refining, etc., are this fellow for the money I take
it for the love of from him. It seems to us we have
e already accumula- to get away from a pattern of
e heaps of it, any chatter which can become a sub this ,springs from stitute for the chatter we Are nt drive, since all viously had. Now we have asked
to their time, en- ourselves, and others ask us, in
many cases, money, view of all the conflict and the
eason except to try criticism printed in the Aberree,
fellow man that he and we don't say it isn't justi Man, and must take fled, but just where can one send
ility for himself, people who want to become clear
- and that to be a and who wish to become auditors;
whole and healthy where they can get a workable