Volume 3, Issue 9, page 11

order to keep the body alive.
Sometimes it doesn't even care if PEJb
the body stays alive -- because look at all the eons and eons of r-a time it has been forced to do
this thing over and over again --
apparently without credit or a IN the THE Sorce
broom is
recorded place in history. But if each piece of
you prod it enough, especially or divided, beet
while the conscious mind is tak- a new Father, a
ing its 40-upward winks, it can ery point is
prove to be a pretty powerful and universe and e
efficient piece of human equip- whole.
One type of person can't be Beshrew your
helped, Mathison admits: that's They have o'
the totally deaf patient whose divided me.
subconscious wouldn't know if a
tape were being played or not. As Retributory to whether SLEEP TAPES will grow Bet the diseases
back eyes that have been plucked
out, or teeth that are in the "The people
dentist's wastebasket, Volney afraid of-" -- BI
doesn't know; he hasn't tried
them on this extreme a case. But She-women, wt
he does insist that an alcoholic ently decentrat
hasn't much chance of staying an in order to ac
alcoholic if he'll just thread centration.
the tape and not turn it off be- He-men, who
fore it has a chance to be effec- concentrates,
tive. For those who insist on not in order to acc
being helped, Mathison suggests a centration.
speaker out of reach on the ceil ing, with the player operated by "This is the
remote control from some distant existing on the
room. It looks like a pretty cient faith in
tough winter ahead for those
self-determined hypochondriacs! read that far?
There's plenty of advice in Any ho, it
this book on how to make a tape, is a little wo
what to say, and how often to say things
the to
faith of a
it. In fact, at one point in the
book where the word "relax" is could move mom
repeated, i.e., ""duplicated",over preacher. But
and over, we had to go back half seen a mustard
a dozen times and wake up the tains, we pref
typist who was trying to stay faith is a ton
awake and follow copy, the fact that if
* * * do something, yo
and do it. If yo
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