Volume 3, Issue 9, page 6

2. Tma children -- boy about 6, girl about 5 --
come to the house. Both are blondes; I mistake them
for my own, and then see the hair is different.
Then their mother appears and takes them to the
drug store.
3. I am outside an apartment house, looking for
a place to spread a blanket. House is on a hill.
Immediate area is a small formal garden. Concrete
walks, bushes, few flowers; other people there. I
step around the hedge and spread the blanket on a
bare patch of ground -- spotty bareness, some grass
-- and a dog appears. The dog is known to me. and
is quite thin. I realize he hasn't been fed in
several (two) days. The "wife"? usually feeds him,
so I go into the kitchen and start hunting food.
There is a woman there -- belongs. I am neutral
about her.

This is the way the stuff comes in. The
places described are real, and exist in th
real universe, tho I personally have never
seen them. So do the people, but "F" is
symbol replacing someone I don't like quite
as well. I was puzzled over the first section, especially as I didn't seem to be
disturbed at the time about going to th
"cyanide" supper. I put in a little time
and a few 'phone calls, and located the
real event related to the dream three days
There is one, but nobody died, s
nothing to worry about. The other incidents
I've not bothered to run down, but they are
real ones and in the near future. Average
lead on this stuff is from two to two and a
half weeks.

When I get these dreams, I copy them
down, adding my opinions about them. Then I
check my interpretations against the facts
when the real event appears. I've omitted
the interpretations here, but in practice,
much of the information about the future
appears during the interpretation.

By the way, when I "see" a situation
that will prove to be real, the details are
so sharp that I can identify the location
when and if I see it.

As I told you at the beginning, I have
considerable doubt about giving you this
data. 'those who can use it, will. And those
who can't -- well, they won't. That's all.

Cows sleep only five minutes at a time.

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Hardin and Joanna Walsh. This is term for a c
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getting better."
D -- (Finishing verse first started).
Table, sable, stable, cable,
Fancy footage for a fable.

If you would satl the heavens, the anc tent wisdom spawn.

I began to see the point. Practically
all wise sayings are rapier thrusts at aberrated patterns.

We all have been exposed to this wisdom
a great deal in school, in church, and in
our reading. Those who read the Bible and
other sacred writings have contacted a rich
storehouse. But most persons do not apply
it to themselves. They rather project it on
other people.

Pride interferes with the self-application of the wisdom. That is why pride is
designated as a mortal sin, no doubt.

The major hurdle the aberree has to
cross is the admission that he needs to
apply the wisdom to himself and to thereby
establish new patterns of thought-emotioneffort effort to replace the old invalid, and immature, attitudes.

Clara soon began to get sonic impressions of the words and sentences. The ouija
board then was superfluous and was abandoned. She merely had to sit relaxed and
quiet a few minutes to start reception. And
I have found we get the answers just as
straight and perhaps better when I do not
let Clara know what the question is.

The Dynamo is just as aware of my
thoughts as he is of the spoken word,, and
the unspoken question avoids possible coloration of the answer from the conscious
mind of the psychic.

The silent question is the method usually followed now, and nas been for sane
time. If we have a guest and he has a problem relating to growth or development, the
Dynamo will answer it too.

Material questions get the runaround, or
satirical quips.
(To be continued next issue.)
accepts the life, the beginnirrg of some thinking,

hic aspects of hu- at least, toward synthesis and

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al materiality, and the 'esoteric' field that I will

m organized relic- put up $25 as a contest prize for

y has interest in the selection and adoption of

tion of such as- such a term. Simple rules to include:
d be a categorical "1. Winning term must be cho
ategory which, for sen as preferable to 'Esoteri
n accepted term, is cist', which is my only candidate
ly recognized as a thus far.
its acceptance by "2. Judges to be the staff of

itseracd would at The ABERREE, Hardin and Joanna
ter oncerned
time, such a Walsh, and myself -- whom I include
nclude everything because it's my 25 bucks.

ncude Rosicrucians, "3. Winning term, which can be
sty ists, the one hand , a coined word or an existent one,
sts is to oneehand must be adopted and used thereogisapists, and Dianet- after in The ABERREE
other -- providing my "I will welcome any improve
rect that Dianetics went in the formulation of the

concerned with ma- definition to be covered by such

he purely temporary a term, and any other kind of

life as connected discussion. Is there interest in

ty. this?" -- PAUL PERELLA, 4922 Jason,

ted am I in seeing Bellaire, Texas.