Volume 3, Issue 9, page 15

ideas in juxtaposition, and tell repeats. Teen
me, if you can, how any kind of cy' is magic
improvement is going to be visi- with the dead,
ble on or in an invisible entity. the story is
Isn't this expecting just a lit- he has implied,
tie bit too much? the reasons fo
"50, I would ask the hyper- way of expres
critics, why on earth do you ex- him to transla
pect to observe any visible im- "The Dynamo
provement in anybody belonging to if we put in
such a group, when you cannot ences, it will
possibly see the self that is be- unity of the
ing improved? If a person says purely didacti
his self is being improved or can never li
helped, then the rest of us have standards and
to take his word for it. If he off into nee
says it isn't being helped or errors. But I
improved, then either he cannot Paul E. O'Neil
evaluate properly or is just an- "P.& -- Wha
other sorehead. by 'necromancy
'This ought to be obvious to activity of
any right-thinking person, so cept Dynamoing,
please, everybody, a little more
charity toward these movements. "Like the
As it says in the song, each one field of (?) --
'has a meaning all its own', and boundaries,
as St. Paul admonishes us, we 'Infinites'
ought to have some faith. This is they?
'the evidence of things not "Speaking o
seen'." -- Millen Belknap, Solana you add me t
Beach, Calif. there some s
"The phrase 'Higher Plane of "Keep up yo
Consciousness' would be preferable creating a uni
to 'Invisible Plane'. The Dynamo versity. -Flo
is probably analagous to the Ego D. (If N. D.
of the Theosophists. The spirit- Bree". I gues ual principle of Jung's uncon- there many
scious mind. In which case he is days?) "Sorace
a part of the unconscious self
of Man. "I don't kn
'The novelty is no one has to these damn
ever in recorded history comma- nothing in th
cated verbally and fluently with read, but stil
this principle while in a con- of it, for f
scious state. Jung's records show something if I
patients who received about two "Why do we
sentences a month in dreams. But send my name i
they had no chance to answer back of all things
or ask questions. Read his 'Psy- and Border to
chology and Religion'. You'll get "Even Do
what I mean. practiced her
"The communications were un- few years ag derstood frani the beginning to be sold me one
made public and form the basis of chometers, an
a thesis. He has been urging me (one of your c
to prepare this thesis for three of my friends.
years or more. I have hesitated 'Thank hem
because I did not have the whole never taken a
story. ogy and/or Di
"The command or request for fess I just
silence pertained to conversa- Totality, th
tions. The Dynamo correctly as- steps delinea
sumed that most all our friends title.
would be unable to see the tiger "Nevermore.
for the tree. Pulaski, N. Y.
"I hope to get the complete "may, some
story in print in book form by tors are play
mid- or late summer, this year. with th
The Dynamo wishes to avoid tors
the appearance of 'Necromancy'. tantlyhep'the
'Filter out the necromancy', he to ely and
cle on the '
Books and/or subscriptions to training to
The ABERREE may be obtained by This couple,
sending the equivalent of.the think that
American dollar value in Brit- child is soul
tab money to: tions -- where
CLARENCE L. HART very reverse:
44 Kathleen Avenue all human me
Wembley, Middlesex the good and
(IM'ORTABT -- To avoid confusion. DOES at one
send a duplicate notice of your becomes inapp
order to The ABERREE, Box 528. point.
Enid, Okla., USA. Be sure to in- "In their
elude your complete address.) Wylie do in
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The 'beauty o f Advertisements under this \,gee
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('The seasons are
/ beauty', was his WANTED -- Tape recordings of 1952 Consing it, and I got gress lectures on DEDE and DEDEXes.
to it for me.) State condition, and price. J H T, Care
seems to feel that Ate'
sensational infer- PSYQIONETRIC ANALYSIS by one of the
detract from the foremost analysts of today. More
ook, which has a than 25 years' emerience. Send some
c aim. I am sure I small item (such as a hairpin, a letto his high ter, a comb, or the like) ands donve up tion of $3 to Dorothy Spence Lauer,
will keep running 5149 Meridian St., Lae Angeles 42, Cal.
romantic or other SEVEN "Spiritual Healing" exercises by
will do my best." -- Arthur J. Burks, to be used in conI, Marrero, La. junction with Mr. Burks's "in absent the Dynamo means tia" sessions, from 10:00 to 10:15
' seems to be any (EST) nightly. These exercises, to be and
thenn occult nature ex- used be sentnight to any who nco tribute $5
or more toward Mr. Burks 'e Foundation
way you cover the for research into what lies behind dijust what are your cease. K. & S. Smith, Box 301, Harrisnyway? d u t then, burg, Penn.
on't have any, do PSYCHOMETRIC Card Reading -- General
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