Volume 3, Issue 9, page 3

Clara Contacts the I.uisiir

Chapter 1
E FIRST contacted "The Dynamo" in
I the autumn of 1952. Some fellow
had a system of self-development
based upon the assumption of an
"Integrator". Aberrations were
sloughed off by yawning, belching, etc.

Archinetics, also -- witn a similar hypothesis -- had a more dignified approach,
but communication was through symbols which
were obscure and difficult of interpretation.

We actually had tried the latter way,
and thought it promising. However, we continued our search for a better method. And,
since Clara seemed to have a flair for the
ouija board, and we knew of a few cases
wherein persons had picked up some rare
literary works and wisdom beyond their apparent normal powers, we turned our efforts
toward psychic channels. Through the ouija,
we hoped, we thought we might contact the
"Integrator" direct. As the reader will
discover, it was a fortunate decision.

It was on September 26 that we made our
first effort through the planchette at contacting the "Integrator". Clara was using
the board. Slowly, moving from letter to
letter, our first communication read:
"Now is the beginning of the great experiment. Understanding will come in time.
You are at peace if you make peace with
yourself. You are the beginning.
"Do not falter in your determination to
find truth.
"Time is the essence."
paul -- Who are you?
Answer -- You, your Dynamo.
paul -- Clara's? or mine?
Dynamo -- Two. Both.
"What is meant by 'Time is the essence'?"
Clara asked me.

I didn't know. But since this "Dynamo",
or whatever we had contacted had said also,
"Understanding will come in time", I wasn't
too concerned witn the problem. "He (I assumed it was a 'he') said we would learn
later", I told her.

My first reaction was antagonism toward
the use of the word "Dynamo". It reminded
me of an unthinking machine that furnished
power. However, when I recalled that this
power also is a source of light, which is a
symbol of understanding, the name seemed
more acceptable -- more appropriate.

On Sept. 29, we received the following
Dynamo -- For good reception, you must
give yourself to the R. E. A.

Clara—R.E. A.? What is that?
Dynamo -- Reason. Endurance. Answers. Wore
will come. Responsible you are for your Efforts Actions. Think, then, and act upon
the thought immediately.

In these words, we were being told that
progress would have to come through effort
of the will, self-discipline, rather than
any mechanical ritual. The same basic attitude as the ancient religions.
... z _ . •
EDITOR'S NOTE— For four years, Paul and Clara
O'Neill have been in contact with a rhyming entity
from what Paul calls a "higher plane of conscious—
ness", who first conversed thru an ouija board. Now,
this "crutch" has been done away with, and Clara is
able to pick up messages direct. The contact has
identified himself only as "The Dynamo", and his messages he calls "Elfin rhymes". During these four
years, he has been urging the O'Neills not to talk
about the messages, but to make them public - -and how
more public can you get than to print them in The
ABERREE? We're certain most of our readers will find
much of the philosophy (if not the poetry) thought—
provoking, inspiring, and—well, maybe YOU've got a
Little Dynamo some place, anxious to talk to you, if
you invite him with the right approach! (See Letter
from Paul in the 'Dear Editor' section.)
Also, we were to be patient, use our
reasoning powers, and heed the answers of
the Dynamo.

Had we had more faith, the progress
would have been faster. But our reaction to
these messages was amusement and curiosity.

In the next session, we discovered the
Dynamo was somewhat of a mind reader. I
asked: "Can you give us a poem?"
While awaiting an answer, I mentally
doodled with an old line of poetry. The
words, "Art is long and time is fleeting",
passed through my mind.

Dynamo -- Time is flown on past references.
In other words, he seemed to be telling
us to "come up to present time!"
In subsequent sessions, we were told to
"Focus your point in time", and to work
toward a firm foundation. We gradually
learned that the firm foundation seemed to
consist of satisfaction of material needs,
a job you enjoy doing, living within income, and the maintenance of harmonious
relationships at work, at home, and in
social contacts.

On Oct. 6, after a minor family dispute,
we picked up:
Dynamo -- Talk it over. You are misunderstanding of each. You have the knowledge.

Miracles are for fairy tale audiences,
but school is stark reality learning that
comes slowly for some. Foundations must be
built slowly, strong. Sense your opportunity. It will not fail the wise; the unwary
dissipate its strength: the squirrel and
the grasshopper. You know better than they.
Take heed. Tomorrow is today.

I was amazed at the simplicity, directness, and common sense of this personality
whom we were beginning to regard as a good
friend and counselor.
(Oct. 9). Dynamo -- Rest when your work is
done. Time for all things defies monotony.
There are many weary travelers, who have
seen nothing. Up to the mountain top with a
purpose, pleasure, or knowledge, each in
its place.
"Any more suggestions about the road to
optimum?" I asked.

Dynamo -- Work toward a firm foundation.
"The right habits?"
Dynamo -- Yes, and your cup must be full