Volume 11, Issue 4, page 3

Man's Stupid Urge
to "Show Off"

OMEWHERE between the worlds of delusion and illusion, humankind
exists. There is more between the
two worlds than there is in them.

This Truth is for humankind to discover so that the reaching outward for
knowledge and the conditions of existence
which are "beyond" can be made increasingly real within the person who seeks
longingly for that very thing which he
or she IS!
The inhabitants of planet Earth would
be blessed at this time if there was a
mass epidemic of complete and total amnesia. For everyone to forget everything
that they have ever been taught or have
ever known is the easiest way that the
understanding of self could come about,
for there would be total need to investigate self and to permit the viewpoint to
expand its beingness without the hampering "lessons " which have prevailed in one
form or another upon this earth since it
first began to sustain life.

Without the informing views and prejudices of others to relate to, man is a
free being, untrapped by opinions, attitudes, or attributes.

A hypothetical state of total amnesia
is one answer, but it is an answer which
is completely out of the world of reality,
unattainable and UN-permitted. Is there
another solution?
Yes, there is. The solution of time.

Time -- the basic lie of creation. Time
-- the major aberrating condition that life
has adopted. Time -- which permits a person
to consider that they can only know one
thing and understand one thing in one moment of time. Time -- which demands referral and permits the existence of such
things as The Sciences, History, Religion,
and Commerce to dominate the thinking of
the individual point of view.

One could examine their thoughts,
eliminating all of the adopted opinions
that they have, all of the attitudes of
pro or con about something, all of their
significances, and all of their dis-eases.
And then -- one could BE enlightened of the
load that they have consented to, or
agreed with, and finally be free.

We are living a comedy rather than a
tragedy. The drama of life is a very
amusing story, which is taken very seriously by the participants in the production. Those who are playing the role in

this gigantic play on passions seldom
lift their noses from their immediate interests long enough to assume the point
of view of the observer. All the intenseness of the game, all the emotions that
are used, and all the mysteries which are
presented become a gigantic joke when
seen thru the eyes of the Angels. Looking
down upon the activities of man, the Angels are having a real ball. They are experiencing one of the funniest situations
that could be conceived. Imagine if you
can, how this all looks to them.

Things get even funnier when one realizes that individuals who gain an insight have been rushing around writing,
lecturing, holding classes, seminars, and
engaging in all sorts of functions which
are set up and designed to teach their
fellows -- and all that there is to teach
is the viewpoint of the one who gained the
insight. This is ridiculous. The one who
gained the insight has come up with the
profound truths, which belong to that one
point of view only, There is in reality
no commission to teach, only the desire
to "show " how brilliant they are, and in
doing so, they trap themselves to one
point of view, which brings about stupidity. This paradox is hilarious,
If each person would know their own y
truths, and grant that same knowingness
to others, we would have a perfect world,
and we could then go right ahead and make
it complex and imperfect by using the
methods to do so that we are using and '
have used.

To know what one knows, and to withhold
this sacred revelation unto one's own inner beingness, allowing others to say or
do as they will, with no interference in w
any way, is to truly KNOW thyself. By W
listening to the ideas of others as they so P4
willingly present them, one can know that P4
they don't know what they don't know.

Self-understanding and self-mastery is cc)
the key to life eternal. It is the indi- cc
vidualized key which fits one lock -- and
that lock is yours.
(ED. NOTE -- Blanche Pritchett, former editor of -[
The MARCAP DISPATCH and author of the book "Japha- F
lein" now edits a news letter-type publication
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