Volume 11, Issue 4, page 9


S VACATION time approaches, there seems to
be nothing more alarming in the heavens
than we have already experienced. As a
matter of fact, the foreign affairs picture seems quite likely to simmer down as our
own pre-election pains begin. True, there will
probably be a step-up of our own racial troubles, with perhaps added vandalism and acts of
terrorism. Neptune, the planet of minority
groups, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion,
will see to that. In fact, during July this may
seem to be all that troubles us. Labor, however, also a minority group, one might say,
will not be pushed into the background, and by
August we shall hear from that side, too.

During July, Saturn strongly opposes the
Pluto-Uranus conjunction and Mars also enters
Gemini. During this period we may see our legislators -- those who oppose the administration's
free-handed foreign policy, anyway -- trying
their utmost to tighten the drawstrings of our
national pocketbook. At the same time, Russia
is likely to hit the news with another outstanding space achievement. However, Jupiter
in the 10th house of our New Moon chart for
July 9 shows our national prestige steadily
improving and our internal affairs shaping up
most favorably.

Going into August, we find conditions which
can cause us great concern. The New Moon chart
of August 7 has an adversely aspected Jupiter
as ruler of the Ascendant and since he is afflicted in the 6th house of health and the
North Node, or robber is in the 1st house, it
appears that health issues are going to be of
prime importance to all and that care must be
taken lest we, the common people, be bilked,
beguiled, and wrongly influenced by untrue

The second week has many mutual aspects
which should certainly cause some sort of Cuba
blow-up. The European Common Market will probably no longer be of concern to us.

The Democratic party ruled by Saturn and
trine to the progressed Moon (general public),
finds itself steadily gaining in favor. This
same Saturn, however, is going to pose great
problems for the farmer by soaking the places
already too wet and causing drouth conditions
where water is badly needed.

The period from Aug. 20-26 might be termed
(astrologically, that is) "goody-goody week".
All of the planets, beneficial as well as malefic, are in good aspect to each other -- but
don't trust it! Don't spend your money -- you'll
regret it! Don't start a trip -- you'll regret
that too. Don't get married -- you'll not make a
go of it -- and don't try to get a divorce. It
just won't work! In fact, I think I shall not
even get out of bed -- but I'd regret that too,
I know it! As an example -- to go back to the
Lunation chart of Aug. 7 -- Mars is in the 8th
house very beneficially aspected, but because
of its location its good aspects only amplify
its potential for hana, and during this period
our papers will carry many accounts of great
fires, bad accidents, and terrible death. Mars
then moves to the 1st house of the Full Moon
chart of Aug. 23 where it is in its fall and
its full malevolence comes to light and is
ready to burst forth in full flower with riots
and bloodshed, particularly in public places
of amusement, theaters, etc. The Full Moon of
the 23rd unleashes its full fury. There will
also be a militant and warlike spirit noticeable among the people.

In this same chart, the plenilunium falling
across the 1st and 7th houses of Moscow's
chart indicates severe trouble for their government, and since Mars is quite prominent
there, it can mean much violence and bloodshed. We who so dislike that form of government may even see it beginning to "fall apart
at the seams" -- to our great fear and worry --
since it is truly said, "The Devil you know is
better than the one you don 't know."
I am much concerned over the safety of our
President at this time. In the March issue it
was stated that there would be something quite
unusual about the coming election. I was going
to add "if there even is a regular election,"
but I did not.

In the last issue, from the material at
hand, it was stated that this president would
not die in office. However, I find from the
last chart, and from his natal chart, and from
a horary chart erected especially for this occasion, that from the last of August to midSeptember, he can be in great danger -- not of
being killed, but of being hurt so seriously
that some time soon after his present term of
office expired he would pass away. This, like
Kennedy's assassination, can well be caused by
his own lack of judgment, since Uranus transits
his natal Mercury at the end of August, rendering him headstrong, unreasonable, disposed
to erratic changes for no apparent reason. This
can be avoided since no fixed signs are involved, but indications are numerous that it
is not apt to be. If such a thing does happen,
we will indeed have an unusual election, at
which anything can happen!