Volume 11, Issue 4, page 12

Some may have other cause to serve
This Christmas master of their verve --
But summer greetings, sent by us,
Are timeless and continuous.

(All Both of Us)
"Merry, Merry Christmas!"
"Happy Yule to you!"
Is there a reason
For this season?
Let's "think up" a few . .

Could it be Santa with the toys
He carries in a bag so large
That several million girls and boys
Get all the things their parents charge?
Or could it be the mistletoe
That traps the bashful with a kiss?
Or maybe it's a week or so
Of school that someone wants to miss?
Or maybe it's the wassail bowl
From which we toast the peace on earth?
Or maybe circumvent the dole
Of sweets that stimulate the girth?
Maybe we merely want to show
How brave we are to dare the ire
Of other shoppers and the snow
When we'd much rather hug the fire?
Maybe we like to load the mail
With fancy cards none stops to read?
Or raze the trees from hill and vale?
Or go to Grandma's for a feed?
Maybe we merely like to dust
Our long neglected Sunday pews?
Or spend the day in deep disgust
Of visitors with long adieus?