Volume 10, Issue 3, page 14

A. is a very powerful organization, but it is also quite
possible that one man and God
can overcome A. M. A. tyranny .
Maybe the A.M.A. can put me into the gutter, or in jail, or
in a mental institution, but I
would rather go down fighting
than to quit and give in to
tyranny . " -- Morris Xatzen,
Cooks Falls, H. Y.
"Not since you publicized
Morris Katzen' s frantic campaign to save naughty humanity
from extinction via masturbation have you started such a
ruckus as you have now kicked
up concerning diffraction-grating gimmicks such as the 'Etcacolor' tube.
"Leaving out my own opinions, I'd suggest your readers
write Edmund Scientific Co.,
Barrington, N. J., the major
producer of diffraction gratings, for their free catalog
which lists a couple pages of
diffraction material ... But
remember, the entire biz is
optical, not 'psychical'.
" Congrats for running Bill
Conover's letter. I've had a
lot of contacts with federal
people; once enjoyed having
them make a detailed elementby-element inspection of electropsychometers; put several
of them on the instrument and
found they actually ARE human
beings. One who read very lowtoned explained he'd just come
in from the orange fields where
he'd had to confiscate a lot
of fruit because it was contaminated by o v e r dosing of
poison sprays. The farmers
acted as if they wanted to
shoot him. He got no publicity ,
no thanks from the many people
he protected f rom poisoned
fruit. Just in his day's job.
"Finally, re Dr. Crawford's
piece about hypnotism. This
article is in itself a fascinating demonstration of selfhypnosis. Dr. Crawford has completely hypnotized himself into the notion that hypnosis
comes in no shades of effects
such as excellent, good, fair,
bad, but only that it's all
bad bad bad bad, black black
black black. This is absurd.
Deep cataleptic hypnosis is
saving many lives in surgery
in bad-heart conditions wherein anaesthetics are dangerous.
"I have a vault full of master tapes, all 'self-hypnotic'
and I can fill a hall any day
with people who by this modality have been pulled out of
situations that had refused to
yield to analysis, psychiatry ,
etc. I do agree with Dr. Crawford, however, that hypnosis,
if used in an attempt to overlay psychical traumas, engrains,

JUNE, 1963
etc., will not work. The causes
of the trouble must be accurately ascertained. That's
where electropsychometry comes
in." -- Volney G. Mathison, 1208
W. 30th, Los Angeles 7, Calif.
"You ran an ad last month --
someone wanting to learn about
Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Therapy .
Here is some information that
may help this gentleman:
"Dr. Reich died in prison,
standing up for truth, and in
facto murdered by the FDA of a
broken heart.
"His legal heir is the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund,
which preserves the archives
of the Orgone Institute and
has opened the Wilhelm Reich
Museum at Orgonon, Rangely,
Maine, to the public. (A few
of Dr. Reich' s publications
are republished by Farrar,
Strauss and Cudahy recently.)
The legal case (it contains
many unexploded truth-bombs)
can be read in the Library of
Congress legal library. See
especially the unopened and
unreviewed evidence appendices
by the defense ('Contact with
Space' and a 'Red Thread'. Also samples of the new mathematics (KRW system) to show
what he was really busy with).
"There are a few doctors
Dr. Reich had trained who try
to apply the principles of
'Orgone Therapy'... banded together under American Association for Medical Orgonomy,
4101 Apalogen Road , Dr. Chas.
011er, Philadelphia 3, Penn.
-- Hue Reich Noise, Hancock,
Maine. e O e
"We literally can't keep up
with the inflow these last two
months. It has been a long time
since I have felt hopeful about
this auditing business, much
less practically enthusiastic.
We need about six months devoted just to outlining the
picture which began in 1950
with the prenatal engram and
which has now expanded or unfolded to the real basic-basic
on the level of the solar system...
"This is not just a temporary manic, as I feel that I
now know something about manics. Preclears are now getting
into view basic data in one or
two sessions, data which it
took us months to crawl thru
before we got the two keys to
the picture. They bring in essentially the same things with
no prior knowledge or prompting, and the keys have provided
us with so many insights into
what used to be puzzles and
occlusions that there now seems
no doubt that we are really on
to something that won't slide
around when looked at.

"The prenatal bank is the
first door, the one key, and
the solar system catastrophe(s)
the second, one of them being
documented beyond doubt by
Velikowski in his books. Part
of this project has turned into an overhaul of the data of
astrology, most of it being
done by my brother Clark Done,
in Westminster. Astrology
really did used to be an exact
science, and quite possibly
can become again at least much
more useful than it is at
"We are seriously thinking
about ways and means to get
this information, the results
of 16 months of concentrated
and directed re-examination of
basic Dianetic concepts, plus
the missing pieces which make
the whole thing workable and
explicable, out to what is left
of the 'field'. Of course the
work is still in progress , but
the basic data seems now solid
enough to present without fear
of adding to the confusion or
spinning any more people. We
want no control operation, nc
central organization other than
a place to continue auditing
and research and a comm. point
that will maintain a return
"Re. Orgs. in Ron's jargon :
A friend and preclear, U. G
Powell, wrote from Denver about
10 days ago saying he had happened to see a PFDA T-V program on the Circle Theater, al
the end of which a character
in robes was shown holding a
pair of electrodes attached to
a meter over the usual beautiful but sick maiden, and saying something like: 'This is
part of my religion, and any
interference with this is a
violation of my religious freedom'. I imagine that the 'message' was crude enough to arrive with a certain segment of
the audience. After what you
said about your visit from official levels, it would seem
that LRH had better have some
very high - powered help of a
legal variety. The latest poor
sheet from St. Hill informs us
there is nothing to w o rry
about; that Ron almost feel:
sorry for the Government; and
that he has a new electronic
organ which he is learning to
play. As Tido said , fiddling
with his electronic organ while
Scientology burns. I really
hate to see something like this
happen to Ron or anyone else
who has, after all, come up
with some useful data. And if
he loses I am not looking forward to the repercussions." --
Bob Churchill, 8608 N.Central,
Phoenix, Ariz.
"I just have to throw in my