Volume 10, Issue 3, page 10

(3) CREATIVE ACTION (Continued)
OR THE benefit of laics and clerics, we
shall notice some phases of creative action
mentioned by the five great men referred
to in Serial No. 1 by Dr. White:
1. A decrease in temperature automatically changes invisible vapor to water
which falls as rain, creating lakes and rivers.
A further fall in temperature changes water to
ice of such strength that it will sustain the
weight of elephants, presenting to the mind a
picture of giant animals standing on invisible
vapor. That is creation in action.
2. We plant the lifeless-looking seed of an
apple in the ground, where it is moistened by
the rain and warmed by the sun, and it produces a tree that bears apples, under the law
of sameness that like begets like. The required
intelligence to obey the law is inherent in
the seed. That is creation in action.
3. Nothing appears more lifeless than a
hen's egg. After a few weeks of brooding, the
apparently li f e less substance of the egg
changes into a living chicken that steps forth
into the world, endowed with enough strength
and intelligence to take care of its needs,
supplying itself with everything required to
sustain it according to the law of its being.
That is creation in action.
4. Creation's greatest performance is making man. It uses the body of the human-mother
as its workshop, and builds the body of man by
condensing cosmic radiation. In due time a new
body emerges from the mother's organism, born
into the world, a living being. That is creation in action.

Gestation is the process of creation that
occurs in the mother's body. This process is
the work of creation, not of the mother. Nor
does the substance which builds the body come
from the mother. For creation never builds new
bodies of second-hand substance. That building
material, as stated, is condensed radiation,
the same as that of which all objects are created.

In the four cases of creative action cited,
we witness a regular order of intelligent work,
according to pre-ordained plan, with knowledge
of the finished product apparent in advance,
the automatic process being triggered by the
condition of the environment.

Col. James Churchward observed these facts
and wrote: "Under the law of creation, there
must first come a condition (of the environment), and with it (there comes) a suitable
life (organism) to live in it." Then he added:
"Thruout the entire history of the earth, this
has been so; and at no time do we find a new
creation behind the condition, as the condition is the parent of the creation."
The condition is absolutely essential, but
not actually the parent of the creation. The
condition is the requirement that triggers the
process of creative action.

Where is the Creator while all this creative action is occurring? Is He sitting on a
cloud in space, creating the products by word
of mouth and wave of hand, according to the
Bible? He is not. The Creator is that mysterious Power which does the work; and the Bible
says in that Power "we live, and move, and
have our being".

When the biblical makers let that revealing
data get into their book, with other statements we shall select and present in due time,
they preserved from the precious scrolls, burnt
to destroy knowledge, some of the most vital
fragments of the ageless wisdom.

What is that magic Power which does the
work? Who has defined it? Are we on the trail
of a great mystery? Are we at the door of the
crypt in which the Creator is hidden? The
prospects look promising. We've found the haystack. Now all we have to do is find the proverbial needle. Can we do it?
The five great men mentioned by Dr. White
exploded the biblical concept of creation, but
failed to find the Creator. When He eluded them
so completely, they logically assumed that He
is only a myth.

Then science steps in and tries to fill the
gap by claiming the mysterious Power that does
the work is just blind, mechanical energy.
That stupid dogma rules the schools and also
the medics who administer poison to the sick
in an attempt to change the body's function to
what they think it should be. If the sick die,
the "disease" killed them. If they live, the
poison saved them.

The mystery of creation was not solved by
the great men whose work exploded the biblical
concept of creation. The mystery will never be
solved until we shall have discovered the nature of all elements involved in creative
action. And of all the elements engaged in the
process, none is so vital and essential as the
Magic Power that does the work.
(Continued in the next issue)
-- By EVA L. ^000FORD, Lost Creek, W. Va.
" Please, Mother -- I'd rather do it myself."
JUNE, 1963 The RBERREE 11