Volume 10, Issue 3, page 17

the maintenance of eternal
life in a body... or a soul. or
"I thought that wee Latin
prefix meant simply NOT! so I
concluded that if Mortal means
subject to death, then Immortal
means simply Not! subject to
death without these fringe benefits like exemption, etc.
"Now, seeing how the dictionaries stretch things I'm
going to forgive you for an
error in ABERREE for March,
page 19, the 7th line in the
last letter appearing on that
page. That word should be
spelled'Daniel' and not 'David'. " -- Thomas Barclay, 1427
Kings Av.. W. Vancouver, B. C.
"I like your policy 'Don't
take it so damn' seriously',
and that's mistake No. 1 among
most of your writers; they are
taking life much too seriously
and I suspect missing a heck of
a lot of fun.
"But fun is fun and if you
are incarnated as a woman I
think you should be the most
womanly woman possible arad
that takes care of Maxine Dumke's desire to be called 'Mac'.
That caricature she drew! If
that's the way Maxine sees
herself she'd better start analyzing her own handwriting or
"Louis the seer is a disappointment most of the time. He
does little foreseeing in his
column. The one Ye Ed wrote
last summer was better than
some of his...
"Philip Friedman is so far
out I don't dig him at all.
Sure hope he stays out of the
clutches of the psychiatrists.
Wow! Can you imagine the consternation of those good docHART to HEART
tor, and his analysis should
be almost as revealing as if
the author of the self-labeled
science himself were to say :
"I'm about willing to explain
why I found it necessary to
keep jumping from one horse to
another while the merry-goround was in motion, or "The
confessions of an earth-bound
space pirate". O.K., Mac, we're