Volume 10, Issue 3, page 5

nowhere in particular.

Time passed. He tried to make it pass
faster. He wished he knew just when the
sun would come. He turned his head slowly
so as not to attract attention; there
might be someone to tell him. He thought
he saw a canoa on the river, but it floated out of shadow to become a drifting
tree. As he recognized it, something that
rode it splashed off, moved toward him
across the waters. He knew by the wriggly
wake of it that he would have to stand
still again when it reached the cemetery
until he knew what it was. So he stood for
a long time, but it did not appear. Yet
it could be close, close, watching the

One after the other, startlingly fast,
nuts began falling from a nearby buriti
palm, just out of sight up-river. Could
be the wind if there were a wind so high
up. More likely some predator climber
seeking food.

For hours before dawn The Watcher did
not move, until the moon came out of the
cloud again ; but it was gray and distant
and darkness remained almost as deep as
before, among the crosses.

Dawn must be near. The Watcher shivered
again, waiting for the sun. He faced
where it would rise; faced intently, like
a worshipper, and almost held his breath.

The night thru which The Watcher had
passed would have been a nightmare to any
outlander. But The Watcher had endured as
caboclos were accustomed to endure; there
had been nothing else to do, and "a caboclo never squirms".

Dawn came. He turned and walked down
to the bank of the Mapua staunchly. Maybe
now his many relatives on the Taujuri
would remember him, and return. He could
expect them by the time the sun was near
the top of the sky.

It had been an uncomfortable, even
chill night, for a naked man. It had been
unspeakably trying for this naked man -- The
Watcher, six years old.

tient. Suppose you are going to treat a person
who vibrates in the higher shade of green.
Then use the blue Cosmic Force, which he must
respond to, but which he will react from. By
using a color higher than his normal one, you
raise his vibrations and when the reaction
comes he will not go below the highest shades
of his own color -- and the relief he receives
will be permanent.

TWELFTH: Use suggestions as a supplemental
aid to the treatment by color. Use it for the
purpose of destroying in the mind of your patient the picture of disease, and for creating
a new picture of health. For example: First
get full name of your patient, and then call
him mentally by that name until you feel you
have his attention. Remember, everyone must
receive every thought that is repeatedly sent
to him -- whether he accepts it or not is another matter. If your patient has a pet name, one
that he hears most at home, use that until he
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candle stick.

IRTHDAYS, marriage days, and death days are
candlelight days. These are the periods in
conjunction that commemorate the end of
one cycle of events and the beginning of
another. A candle is symbolic of one's natural, uplifting, reactive heliocentricity
that is an unending spiral. To bring the mother helix to an end, she has to be jacked up
with extra sensory implants so that her last
pair of integrating open coils are forced to
come full circle and shorted in marriage, into
another straight line, generating, burning
borning. So at points of transition, from immortal heliocentricity to deadly radioactivity,
the candle is lit. Ends and beginnings are the
periods that one jumps over the stick and
crosses the bar into repetitive deaths and
conceptions, which are one and the same point.

In immaculate Mother Nature 's unendingness,
there is no jumping over the candle stick from
cycle to cycle. She has no flame, no masculine
crator creator from which to man out. She is a
truncated, non-objective, automaticity. To
live forever, she requires no Jack to jack her
up, no nimbleness nor quickness to reach her
helical heights. Any assistance to her is
murder and another start. Candlelight services
mark the spot, the place from which one leaves
and fires are started.

When Mother Goose, who is Mother Nature,
tells Jack to go ahead and jump over the River
Styx, she is being derisive. She knows that
one can learn only by doing, and by doing,
learns not to do it again. Candlelights should
remind one of his original sinnergystic syns
of dyings and bornings. He is to overcome syn
by divesting himself of all engrammic implants
that are strangers to his own action only. He
must decondition himself of all so-called good
things that he is constantly adding unto his
helical life line that puts it out and lights
it up like candlelight, again and again.
is listening to what you say. You should