Volume 8, Issue 10, page 16

vine Jesus...Jehovah, the Sunmyth rewritten to suit ... All
savior gods, not excluding Jesus, are versions of the

"When I read other disc

'Ourses, such as Norm Taylor's letter where'God' is mentioned so
many times, I wonder to which 'God' they refer.
H.S. Stein has awork titled'30,000 Gods Before Jehovah'. And when
they say they believe the Bible is the 'Inspired
Word of God'. I expect they have in mind the 'God' the Bible
pictures, and not one of the other 29.999.

"If the Bible is the 'Inspired Word of God', this kind of G o d
the Bible tells us about, and someone says that they
believe it, lock, stock I and barrel; that this 'God' is to be
reverenced, worshiped-someone must be cuckoo. For if I
had a 10-year-o ld (non-brainwashedl child of ordinary
intelligence, and after spending one hour reading upon this
Bible God in the Ofd Testament, and he could come to any other
conclusion than did Rupert Hughes, our late writer
and historian (a thinker), I would have to believe I had a cuckoo
child, also.

"Mr.Hughes stated: 'According to the Bible, God was ignorant, a
ruthless liar and cheat; he broke his promises
and changed his mind so often he grew weary of repenting. He was
a murderer of children; he ordered his people to
slay, rape, steal, lie, and commit every foul and filthy
abomination in human power... 1. 1 decided to quote Mr.
Hughes as I might make it too strong to be printed.

" This Bible 'God I gave his pet Moses Ten Commandments, one of
which said, 'Thou shalt not kill'. 0
consistency, thou art a jewel. This should get a laugh out of any
intelligent person. Christianity was born in lies
and bloodshed; she thrived in lies and bloodshed; she will die in
her lies and blood! She has been the greatest
murdering, crime-hatching, political intriguing octopus history
has ever recorded. She butchered over 70 million of
her fellowmen during the Dark Ages of church rule in Europe to
force her stolen (from ancient astrological work of
the masters) religion upon the masses.

" This God himself got mad at h is c r e ation over some slight
infraction ofhis rules, opened a great crack in the
ground and buried several thousand alive. (A man named Hitler
read that in the 'Book'

and took 'God' as a holy Pattern'n did the same thing.) God got
mad at his pet David once also, of whom it was said
later, 'David was a man after God's own heart '--to be sure, for
Dave was also a murderer, adulterer, liar, thief, and a
traitor. Dave stole Uriah's wife and then had Uriah killed ; just
a little thing for 'God's men' to do? You see, Dave
had the census taken without first consulting God....

"Abu'l-Malarri. Syrian poet

I The world holds tw,
said: 0
classes of men - intelligent
men without religion, and re-
ligious men without intelli-
gence'. Our thinker, Thomas
Edison, said: 'Religion of the
day is a damned fake - al I
bunk'. And Luther Burbank said ,
'Superstition gone to seed ...

theravingsof insanity'. Geo. Washington (Treaty of Tripol io -
'The government of the United States is in no sense
fopded uponthe Christian religion.f Thomas Jefferson: 'The
Christian God is a being of terrific character -cruel,
vindictive, capricious, and unjust. a hoCUS-Pocus phantasm of a
God. Gov. Morris had often told me that General
Washington believed no more of that system (Christianity) than he
did himself... I
"Thomas Paine, of whom John Adams said: 'Washington Is sword
would have been wielded in vain had it not been
for the pen of Thomas Paine-' To my mind, the greatest patriot
and statesman of his time, said: 'Whenever we read
the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel
executions, and the un re lenting v i n d i c tiveness with
which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more
consistent to call it the word of a demon than the word of
God ... When I see thruout this book scarcely anything but a
history of the grossest vices and the most paltry and
contemptible tales, I cannot dishonor my Creator by calling it by
His name (This gives the lie to the clergy's
calling Paine an atheist!) . .. Of all the systems of religion
that were ever invented, there is none more derogatory to
the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason,
and more contradictory in itself than this thing
called Christianity...'

"Then brainwashed parents and teachers (and priests and
preachers) want this most filthy piece of literature read to
their children in schools! You who sponsor such reading material,
p I e as e insist they start at thebeginning and read


every verse all the way thru this book. We guarantee your child
will be so filled with the vile thoughts so
accumulated he will be an excellent specimen f o r society e v e
r after. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) said that
after being compelled to read this book thru at a young age, the
filth he had to wade thru so contaminated his mind
it would follow him to the grave. I'-- C. A. Biggs, S. Lansing,

0 0 0

"The Jan. - Feb. issue is here and I am not an astrologer, but it
has been my lifetime hobby ... A few years ago
the 'flat earth' was the most important issue in the world. Poor
Galileo against the magnificent Pope, Bible. and
logic. People then, as now, were about 100% Believers, so it took
over 400years for some of them to quit sailing
around a flat earth. 'People just could not stand on the
underside of a round ball'. and 'Anything as heavy as the earth
couldn't float in space or air I
IlWell, astrology is just as confusing to Believerstoday and it
is the most important question of all time. High
authority, logic, and the Bible condemn it just like the 'flat
earth' issue.

"Simplified - 1. There are malefic and benefic planets. 2. They
are strong or weak - about 5 rules are enough to
determine the relative strength of each side. 3. There are no bad
I selfish people with benefics strong, or vice versa. 4.
The distant planets give talent-so there are no gifted people
without having them str6n

"Ctaracter brings its own type of fortune, but the subject is in
too bad a state of confusion to go into details
telling fortunes. The Bible characters are stars (sun, moon,
Planets, signs), and this has to be suppressed to make
the Bible profitable.

"The eclipse of Feb. '62 has the malefics strong, benefics weak,
so selfish people will be inclined to rash actions,
but fear of the H-bomb may deter them. So fortune telling in this
case is a matter of judgment that hardly involves
thetruth of planetary influence. it may take more or less time
for them to make up their minds, and people are
influenced at birth more than later On. so we may have to wait
for some of them to grow up. This happened in a
similar eclipse at the birth of Genghis Khan. An astrologer
predicted a terrible storm. for this was

MARCH, 1962