Volume 8, Issue 10, page 9


Essene Mystic

Seeker Uses Trick Questions to Trap "He Who
Knows Not, and Knows Not that He Knows Not"

ORDS are but symbols of ideas. Un-

fortunately, many people use
words with no clear concept of
the idea they wish to convey .
This is more true of spiritual
concepts than material concepts,
which we cognize with our corpo-
real senses. For that reason, I
offer some definitions so that
readers will have an understand-
ing of what I am writing about.
It is widely known-in the Christian relig-
ion, at least-that man is comprised of a cor-
Doreal body, a spiritual body, and a soul - an
example of the eternal trinity manifest in all
Everyone is familiar with the cor-
poreal body; unfortunately, many think of the
body as themselves, when in truth the corpor-
eal body is the vehicle in which we are en-
cased during earth life.
SPIRIT-There is a force which gives dynamic
life to the body, builds it, maintains it, and
holds it in an organic whole. There is no bet-
ter term we know of for this force than spirit.
When this force, or spirit, moves permanently
out of the corporeal body, it is dead and be-
gins to fall apart ard disintegrate. The spirit
of man is
another vehicle for the real man,
the soul. It is
also substance, but of much
finer texture than the three dimensional cor-
poreal body.
SOUL -In a life on earth of more than 70
years, I have found that it is wise to ask
questions. I have learned much from other men
by asking questions. I have also learned much
~bout men by asking questions. One thing I know
is that many men simply do not know what they
talk about.
For many years, I had a few trick questions .
One question I would ask a minister, priest ,
rabbi, or church leader was: "What is the
soul?tt I never received an intelligent answerl
Generally I received a quotation from the Bi-
ble which was meaningless. When I Pinned my
subject down, I would tell him I didn 't want a
quotation, what I wanted was an explanation-
which he was unable to give.
Another trick question was: "The Bible
speaks of four main characters: Jehovah, God,
Lord God, and Lord. Are these terms used for
the same spirit, four different spirits, and
are they names or titles)" Then I would watch
my subject's face. Usually, a blank look would
come over the face; then the answer would be
"They are the same spirit." which is wrong.
Altho they were talking about the soul con-
tinually, none of them, whom I have met so far ,
knows what it is, its origin, or its destina-
To understand what the soul is, we must
understand the composition of man.
The corporeal body is a composite of mil -
lions, if not billions, of cells, each of which
has a body, spirit, and mind of its own. Each
grgan has a mind of its own. Man is an organ-
ism, a composite of all, and the so"called 9

MARCH, 1962 T h e A B E R R E E

subconscious mind of man is the mind of the corporeal body, the
composite of all the millions
of minds of the cells of the body. It is animal in its nature,
with the intelligence of an
animal. The spirit of the corporeal body is the "Low Self" of the
Huna psycho -religious

At the first breath after birth of the corporeal body, the human
spirit enters with its
conscious mind at zero level. It knows nothing at birth, while
the animal spirit, with its
subconscious (animating) mind, is mature in its education. It
knows how to assimilate food ,
build it into the body, and eliminate the waste matter. It knows
how to heal, control growth,
circulation, and countless other body functions.

From then on, until death, these two spirits live in the
corporeal body, similar to man
and wife living in their home.

At the joining of these two spirits- animal and human -the soul
is conceived, and it is as
a beam of light from the sun. It is a bit of the Creator, the
real self or ego of the man ,
and is endowed with eternal life. The corporeal body will die as
the human spirit is born
into the spiritual realm, the spiritual body will die when the
soul is born into the higher
or organic heavens. and its progress is eternal. The idea of
reincarnation, or rebirth thru
the womb into a new corporeal body, is fallacious, and no one can
find an example in all
nature where any insect, animal, or human returns to a former
type of embodiment. our planet
is the womb of the human race. The Creator is the actor, the
earth is the thing acted upon,
and the human race is the result of such action. The fatherhood
of the Creator, the
motherhood of the Earth, and the brotherhood of man are facts,
tho at this place in the
development from animal to God, mankind is loath to admit it.

in conclusion, here are a few definitions for the reader to

MIND- mind is that with which life maintains contact with its
environment. This is true on
countless planes of life -from the mineral to gods.

LIFE is that which moves. The dead move not. If it moves, it is
life - from the electron
to the Cosmos.

The Creator (known to the Essenes as JehovIh) is the composite of
all there is. He-She is
ever present and is constantly creating , sustaining, and

We live in days of destruction of the old order that the new may
be built.

Our prayers,"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be

done, on earth as it is in heaven", will soon
be answered. We seem determined to do all in
human power to prevent the birth of a "new
heaven and a new earth" by accusing every pro-
gressive person of being a commie, a red, or a
criminal. 4


ANTIQUES --Items that escaped discard after they'd outlived their

SINGING COMMERCIAL- -Man's inhumanityto man.