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The ABERREE definitely is not a " pat-a-cake" magazine. it has
nothing to sell except itself, and sponsors no
belief as being more acceptable than any other belief. In fact,
if we had any suggestions to make to ANYONE,
ANYWHERE, it would be"Free yourself of ALL beliefs, and retain
only what you KNOW from personal
experience." A belief is only a poor carbon copy of someone
else's opinion , or reality-and like most poor carbon
copies, one guesses at the smudges and the gaps.

Rejection of all ics, isms, and ologies does not mean that wetre
a bit more negative than those who swallow
some belief whole, and reject everything that may lead to a
regurgitation of what they've swallowed. Those wfio
have a certainty on their data are not upset by ideas in conflict
with that data. Only those with nothing more to go
on than "belief" or faith are quick to draw swords or flee behind
cloisteredwalls (usually, quotations by their accented
oracle) so that they, themselves, will not have to question that
belief or faith. The hunter who knows his weapon is
loaded has no fear if he suddenly comes upon his quarry, while
the man who hasn't checked a borrowed gun may fmd
it safer to look for rabbits in an open field. Would
itbe"negative" to open the breach, ahd see whether there actually
was a live shell in the chamber?

Once in awhile, we read of persons who attribute their escape
from something to their "faith", but the cemeteries
are filled with the "faithful"' who were less fortunate.

Quite often during the last eight years, we have been severely
criticized for attacking some pet"belief" of one of
our readers-and we've even lost some subscribers who were I ike
the hunter with a borrowed gun-they didn't feel safe
in a forest in which wild animals

~Recus.nt Voice of 'Th

for Earth, Mars, V


Pluto, and Zydok


POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man
is not reduced to a"split infinity" by wars, taxes, or"experts"
who seek to sell him what he
already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds f r o m i
ssue to issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man b as the inherent right to be his own
and only"Authority"-with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to "educated guesses"
about Man's destiny - if there's no price tag to it, and if the
gu6sser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.


might find them without a bull et in the barrel. Lately, much of
this criticism and loss of readers has followed our
use of articles and letters by a "spiritual healer", who insists
spiritual and physical health is dependent on retention
of seminal fluids and intestinal wastes. Some of this criticism
has been quite volatile.

There's no special reason why we should select Morris Katzen.
this particular healer , as the "whipping boy" for
this auditorial-except it's a perfect example of what The ABERREE
has been standing for-and against-since its

In the ftrst place, we don't endorse Mr. Katzen's theories,
except in part. Undoubtedly, sexual abuses will lead to
ill health and insanity-and it may be that some of the flare-up
against Mr. Katzen's writings comes from persons
whose toes have been stepped on. In our books, Mr. Katzen seems
sincere. and as long as he is convinced of the
efficacy of his methods, we think he deflnitely is in the right -
for Mr. Katzen. For him, it probably is the most
perfect plan possible -if he uses it. Too many promoters are
allergic to their own promotions.

Also, we think Mr. Katzen has a right to publicize his
conclusions - and these conclusions deserve study to see
what merit they may have. If they sound logical-in whole or in
part-adopt them as PART of your own operation.
Butonly if they work for you- NOT because Mr.Katzen says so, nor
because you read about them in The
ABERREE, or any other magazine using Mr. Katzen's writings.

As for his premise "Christ is the seed" every living thing is-or
w6 at one timethe seedof his/its parent, and in
each of us are the seeds of future generations. This is basic-and
needs no claim that it comes from "secret teach

ings", or"ancient alchemists", for substantiation. There is
little or no need to bring in the Bible at all into the
argument - either to prove or disprove his postulation. In fact.
if all those words (in the Bible) were written to hide
from the rabble the "truth" about the "seed" and"wind", millions
of persons have been killed in holy wars and
crusades over a book that should be on puzzle counters in novelty
stores instead of in religious book stalls.

In any group, invariably someone will try to prove his point by
quoting Scriptureespecially if it's a point that
won't stand logical analysis

In most churches, this attempi to prove a"belief" by the Bible
reaches a pinnacle in the concept that all of man's
woes -including the sacrificing of an innocent Son by an impotent
God (a God unable otherwise to correct an error
He made at the time of Creation- stems from the first woman
listening to a talking serpent and eating a bit of
forbidden fruit.

But being slave to a fairy tale is no more ridiculous than an
entire world being thrown into fear and trembling
because a few bull-beaded leaders think people behind another
border should buy their ideas of what type government
they should have. Actually, it probably makes no difference
whether the people. the state, or a few monied persons
run the show -except in the bigoted minds of those who can'i and
won't see beyond their own noses .

What is important is that people need freedom MM-and that
includes freedom from freedom-atleast freedom from
the type of freedom dictators (big and little) would thrust upon
everybody -because they believe their ideas are best
for mankind as a whole.

True emancipation will never come until man has freedom from
beliefs-and is master of his own mind and