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Between these two parts of the brain is the
to use it more as you go along. pineal gland, which controls both the physicalIn this lesson are the funda- actor and the astral-thinker. This gland is a
mentals of concentration. One of very small bulb shaped like a pine cone, or an
the best ways is to concentrate unopened rosebud.
something that is familiar to This pineal gland must be exercised for deon velopment. Most of the schools-of-development

you, and your own body is best will give you exercises to develop this gland,
In this exercise, you are to picture var- but, I'm sorry to say, not all schools will
ious parts of your body as you breathe. tell you what happens, how it happens, or why
it happens. And that is what I'm going to do

Starting with the toes, breathe in thru the now. I'm going to give you one basic exercise.
nose, out thru the mouth, and "feel" your toes This will further relax the body and will derelax. Let your imagination travel your body velop this pineal gland. Later you will use
from toes to the pineal gland. this exercise in a much wider scope of develImagination plays a great part in the lives opment; that is why it is imperative you deof man. Without imagination there would be no velop the basic exercise to the fullest.
homes, no roads, no transportation -- as well as The position in which you choose to practhe many things that man uses and enjoys in tice is your own choice. Stand on your head if
his daily life. you wish. The object is to relax, and it is
So, imagine each part of your body relaxing. unlikely that you can force yourself into an
Inhale and exhale slowly, while your imagina- uncomfortable position, and then force yourtion covers the head, the nerves, the mind, self to relax. In Chapter II I said "Don't
and the pineal gland. The more vivid you can force, it can't be done easily". By now you
imagine, the quicker will be the results. know that to be true.
You may know more about the pineal gland You can lie down for this exercise, or sit
than I, but in case you don't, here is a short in a chair, if that is more comfortable for
description of it, as well as how it works, you. Or, if you are fortunate enough to have
and the important part it has in development one, curl up, or stretch out, in one of those
of psychic abilities. reclining chairs.
Each and every physical sense has its fac- The time for doing this exercise is not imsimile on the astral plane. Due to quite a bit portant. When you first wake up and before you
of misinformation, many persons believe that get out of bed if you like. In the afternoon
the astral body is a likeness of the physical when you have a chance to put aside your physbody. In actuality, the physical body is only itaI work for a few moments. Or at night just
a copy of the astral, and a very inferior copy before sleep if you think that is your best
at that. The physical eyes may fail, but not time not to be disturbed. Any time is good,
so the astral eye, or, as we call it, the but the last thing before sleep is best.
inner eye. You also can "talk to yourself" if you find

You have only to consider the many cases of that easier. But speak softly in an almostthe loss of physical limbs which were followed whisper. It will be better if you can do it
by a distinct "feeling" emanating from the all within your mind.
astral body at the place where the physical Start with your toes. See them in your mind.
was. Ask any person who has lost a physical Use your imagination. Take a deep breath and
limb and they will tell you that there are say to yourself, "My toes are relaxing". Extimes when the missing member will "itch them hale slowly, while picturing the toes relaxing.
to pieces". Inhale again and say, "My toes are relaxed".

I'm not trying to tell you that all feeling Exhale slowly, while feeling the toes relaxed.
of pain, etc., are in'the astral body only. I Parts of the body might "jump " at first. This
believe that all living tissue can feel pain. is good because then you know you are followContrary to some teachings, I do not believe ing suggestions.
that all pain is an emotion that can be ig- Let the mind and imagination travel from
nored by mental training. the toes on up the body -- heels, ankles, calves,
As the physical body is copied after the thighs, tummy, chest, throat, head, nerves,
astral body, so are the physical senses. mind, and lastly the small pineal gland. Do
Both physical and astral are controlled by not speak of, or to, the pineal gland. Just
a mass of nerves connected with the pineal hold the "picture" of it in your imagination.

To Psychic Development
By LOWANA JULAINE gland, which is located in the back of the
head between the cerebrum and the cerebellum.

Chapter IV -- DEVELOP THE INNER EYE These parts of the brain are better known as
THEN I said that anyone who breathes the upper and lower parts, the acting and
thinking parts. Cerebrum equals upper equals
and thinks can relax, I meant it . thinking, while the cerebellum equals lower
By now you should be consciously equals acting.
using your mind. You will learn