Volume 7, Issue 7, page 4

good aspect to each other. Both men are tools
of destiny and both will be taken care of.
They will not be enemies, and whoever wins top
spot will find a place where he can use the
other one to best advantage. They will help
each other.

Now, the big question: Who will be favored
on election day? We find the spectacular Uranus
forming an affliction in both charts, but in
different departments of the life path. We
find the planet Saturn, the great tax collector, passing over the place of Nixon's natal
Sun. Altho it will be well aspected on election day by the Sun-Mercury conjunction, it
will be opposed by a Moon-Mars conjunction
where it will cause great harm on election day.

This shows me that on the day before election, Nixon will encounter a health problem
that will not contribute to his well being,
nor his cause. He will say something, also do
something, that will cause him to lose the
support of very important factions. That will
cause him to lose the election. This will become more noticeable in the latter portion of
the day, when many workers will be coming out
of the shops and going to the polls to vote.

We find this same setup in Kennedy's chart,
but in a very different formation as to the
department of life. Here we find the planet
Saturn in the eighth house of the solar chart
also well supported by this Sun-Mercury conjunction from the sixth house. This Sun-Mercury will be supported by the trine from the