Volume 7, Issue 7, page 12

them grow. Put some water around her, too. She
needs both sunshine and water."
Louis also was asked to make some predictions, and a few of them follow:
Q. Will any physical changes take place in
this country, such as the west coast crumbling
away, or areas of the west being flooded?
A. Yes. This started some years ago, actually. We are in for all sorts of crumblings,
but they won't be as violent as some would have
them. It's a gradual process, with bodies of
water being changed and land masses being
moved around. I know this question enters your
mind, but man will continue to exist, regardless. The next thing that will make headlines
will be an earthquake from Nevada to San Francisco -- in this area. This will take place in
the immediate time zone.

Q. You mentioned before a period of confusion or turmoil in the economic situation in
the U.S., possibly between 1963-65. Could you
elaborate on that?
A. This period from 1963-65 will find us
between two cycles -- a new cycle where we will
feel birth pangs and an old cycle where we
will feel death pangs. With these two frictions, there will be a certain amount of turmoil, unrest, upheaval, etc. Right now, we are
starting to feel certain vibrations from this
thing we are leaving, but going into the new
cycle will be as rough as leaving the old one
for the reason that much sloughing off has to
take place. What I see is like two globes.
These globes don't quite reach, and we are going in a counterclockwise motion on one and
clockwise on the other. In between these two
globes, things are being thrown off and sloughed
off -- conditions and human beings -- because this
new cycle is very definitely a cycle of growth
-- not material growth, but growth of understanding. To go from one cycle to the other,
you either are going to go thru some sort of
transformation or you are going to be kicked
off. Many living in this cycle won't be able
to stand the tempo of the new era, because it
will take a better body, a more highly-attuned
body. This period is starting now. We will not
really start feeling the pulsating strongly
until the '63's, or around that period, but
when we get well into the '65`s, we will find
ourselves well in itóbut many people won't
find themselves in that new cycle.

Q. Will we still have a capitalistic system
at the epd of this cycle? or if modified would
it put us in more of a socialistic system?
A. This new system will be more of a socialistic type of thing, because governments, people, conditions, and ways of thinking will be
sloughed off -- more like weeding a garden -- many
things are being tossed out. Industry as we
know it today will undergo a drastic change --
from the idea of mass production as we know it
today to a period of competition based on worthiness of the product. City planning will be
much different in the new period. It will be
based more on the community rather than on the

"As a man thinketh, so is he"ó and this
doesn't mean he necessarily has to think in
FAVOR of "sin"to be a ''sinner''. If he concenbride died in childbirth, the home was broken trates on the "badness" of "sin". his mind is
up, and for a long time, Happiness was in a so warped with what he's thinking that "so is
dark, dusty storeroom. She needs sunshine. Try he". He has filled his cup so full of muck
an experiment. Put plants around her and watch that he has left no room for anything better.

OUIS's recent visit to Denver held a special meaning to each person who met him.

Groups met with him to ask questions, and
bring articles to be psychometrized. The
discussion topics were many and varied, as
were articles brought for him to "read':
One article of special interest was a lovely
statue of a woman dressed in long flowing
robes, standing in lotus petals. The owner
said he had purchased it in the Thieves Market
on a Sunday. She was lying in the gutter, and
hundreds of persons had passed her by. He saw
her, took a fancy to the statue, bought it,
and carried it in his arms the rest of the day.
She has since gone wherever he has made his

Louis told the owner that the statue, which
was of wood, was carved in 2710 B.C., and was
known as the Goddess of Happiness. She was
Chinese in origin, going back to the TS Dynasty, and was brought to this side of the
water by a Spaniard. She has been stolen many
times, he said.
"She is standing on a pedestal in a lovely
garden, with a waterfall close by," Louis psychometrized. "Little crackly glazed pots of a
lovely green hold sticks which are burning
(incense). Below her is a little placard which
reads: 'He who looks upon me walks with happiness'. This is a monastery, for there are both
men and women in garbs in the gardens.
"A very nice lady is walking into the garden (there are three gardens, surrounded by a
courtyard). She is passing thru three round
gates and is in the central part of the garden,
where she performs a sort of ritual, with water
tossed off a cup before communicating with
Happiness. The three gardens represent the
trinity; to reach the Goddess of Happiness,
one must go to the apex of the trinity. Significance of the waterfall near Happiness is
that a certain cleansing must take place before one can truly communicate with Happiness.
"The statue was modeled after a saint, or
holy person, who once walked the earth and was
a descendant of the root race. The Goddess
would walk into a village and happiness would
seemingly 'burst out of people'. This was her
Purposeóto prepare the way. Then the great
teachers would come to teach. Before you can
grow you must be happy, as growth does not come
out of sadness. Her hands are under the robe.
She holds two jewelsóone in each hand. One
jewel represents the negative, the other the
positive. As she went around to the people in
the villages, she would hold out her hands, and
radiations came from the jewels she held. The
two holes above the hands in the statue do not
belong. Some character in Mexico decided to
put hands on her (those under her robe are not
visible), but she did not like them, so got
rid of them. You will feel her great happiness
wherever she is, for she is just as alive as
she ever was. The vibrations around her are so
strong. She has a beautiful aura about her.
"You lived at the time this statue was in
the garden, and you were deeply in love with
it. It was stolen from the garden, and then
someone bought it and gave it to his bride. The