Volume 7, Issue 7, page 8

Keep your mind's eye on the pineal gland. Feel
it vibrate with each heartbeat. Pumping in and
out, in and out, like an individual heart The
beating. Expanding and contracting while you
breathe deeply and slowly. You may need to go
over this exercise again and again. Do so pa- '~
tiently. '~
You will possibly go to sleep before you
reach the pineal gland. If so, you won't usually sleep for more than an hour unless the
body is abnormally tired. This. hour of "sleep " B laTile
is not sleep in the sense that the body knows
sleep. It is a drifting away of the mind, a
"passing thru " from physical to astral. At
first, you may not know what is going on in
the mind, but gradually you will find yourself (9) THE PENTATEUCH
realizing that it isn't sleep, that you are N 586 B. C., Nebuchadnezzer (604-561 B. C.1
what we call "dozing". You will be aware of sacked Jerusalem, burned the temple and the
the fact that you are bodily relaxed and that Jewish scrolls, and, in three raids sent
the mind is drifting untended, there, found only 4600 persons whom he saw
You p r ob ably have been aware of dozing fit to carry off to Babylon. These formed
often. Now you are going to learn to control the
er. famous captivity ). This sch which for 70
dozing. What happens then? ter Years ( the J de. death h2 :f8Moses.
ooccurred long afthis
soft light will seem to explode within of the the mind. It will naturally startle you out of firmed loss
Clement of Alexandria, ofwandawho is conthe by Cllewwrote