Volume 7, Issue 7, page 6

bet the old Eastern parallel of the cart
(body), the horse (mind), and the driver
(spirit)? At least, I know my metaphysics.

DEVIL -- Thank goodness you do, too. My job
has never been easier, and you -- you admirable
fellow -- to quote your Prime Minister, "have
never had it so good".

ME -- I have an uneasy suspicion that once
again you are being facetious -- this time at my
expense. I'm not prepared to waste any more of
my valuable time, even tho I did want to know
if you know anything about this Subud idea.

DEVIL -- If you want to quarrel with me, my
friend, you'll ask me about Subud. I don't like
admitting I know little about anything, and
the trouble is I just can't make an entry into
this area simply because it's on a direct circuit to You-Know-Who and my personality voltages are ineffectual.