Volume 6, Issue 2, page 6

is no reincarnation, or fresh start. Even
their karma is disintegrated and touches
not the Group Spirit. It is said of such
that they exchange their planet for a
comet. They elect to go far and fast, but
they go too far and fast for their forces
of cohesion, and the comet to which they
have yoked themselves when it returns
again to the sphere of our solar system
is found to be without them."
On the basis of the principles enunciated by the Teacher, the soul of a human
being transferred to another planet would
find a set of influences to which he
could react. His environment would reflect a pattern of living on which he
could build a new personality.

However, these passages from "The Cosmic Doctrine" do throw new light on the
possible fate of Black Magicians -- those
professional trouble-makers who fancy
themselves "beyond good and evil". As the
problem of good and evil is central to
the Flying Saucer Phenomena, or so I believe, the idea suggested in "The Cosmic
Doctrine" should be of interest to all

There is a dramatic description of
the banishment of a Black Magician in
"Phylos, Dweller on Two Planets", Chapter XXIII. There, the Christ, or World
Teacher of the time, says to the demon
priest, Mainin: "It were better for thee*
could thou cease to exist. But this may
not be of an ego. I can but suspend thee
as a human entity and cast thee into the
outer darkness to serve as ong of the
powers of nature. Get thee behind me."
By the very nature of His Being, the
Christ could not or would not destroy
Mainin or any comparable adept of the
Black Arts; but what is to prevent such
an one from exercising his free will in
one last act of defiance? Condemned to a
seeming eternity of suffering in the uttermost reaches of this planet's magnetic
field, he would long for a way -- any way --
to escape the power of the Mighty Will
which held him there. Then, on the horizon
of his consciousness, gleams a wanderer
from the Cosmos. It flashes by. With a
howl of triumph and one all-powerful
lunge, the Black Adept leaps the awful
abyss and is gone to where his isolation,
and therefore his extinction, are complete.

But this isn't, necessarily, the fate
of the earth dweller who leaps aboard a
space-bound rocket. Altho he might think
so, for awhile -- especially during the
early stages of his personality disintegration.

The Swindle
of ytholicism
ODERN science admits that is is incompetent to explain the nature of
Life or to analyze the construction
of Man. That fact is attested by two
leading scientists: Dr. Alexis Carrel said: "Our knowledge of the human body is,
in truth, most rudimentary. It is impossible,
for the moment, to grasp its constitution"
(Man, the Unknown, 1935, P. 109). And Dr. Robert A. Millikan wrote: "I cannot explain why I
am alive rather than dead. Physiologists can
tell me much about the mechanical and chemical
processes of my body, but they cannot say why
I am alive" (Colliers, Oct. 24, 1925).

The Ancient Masters considered the substance
and not the shadow. They looked not at the
things which are seen, but at the things which
are not seen. For the things seen are temporal, but the things not seen are eternal.

The Masters discerned the real figure thru
the fog. They saw Man as a cosmic compound of
four segments or strata of substance, possessing what may be termed four interpenetrated
bodies, expressing phases ranging from the
dense physical coarseness thru the various
gradients of astral tenuity, each finer phase
interpenetrating successively its coarser substrata, and being bound in linkage by the cosmic force of Polarity Affinity, as Hilton Hotema has explained in "The Flame Divine".

The deeper lore of remote antiquity dealt
with a keen analysis of substance, the formelation of laws of action between the several

phases in man, and cataloged the extensive
schedule of these activities of consciousness
in that amplified psychology of the sages to a
degree of perfection that to us appears astounding.

The science of psychology of the sages contains names far a host of sharply-drawn segmentations of subjective activity which all
modern probing has never systematically distidguished.

The gods of the sages were not ghostly
shadows, but cosmic forces appearing on earth
in the form of Life and Mind -- realities of the
cosmos -- and by no means the fanciful nonentities which have befogged the preachers and befuddled the laity thru the centuries. These
"gods" were the personified rays and energies
of the universe, which modern science is only
now beginning to discover, and going hog-wild
over the greatness of the discoveries.

When we are competent to comprehend it, we
can see that the knowledge of the Masters shows
that man may step up from the status of a victim of evolution's forces that results from
ignorance of the law into the ranks of the
sage who works harmoniously with the cosmic
plan. But that higher level, we regret to say,
lies beyond the attainment of the masses at
large as long as they are controlled by institutions that live on darkness and thrive on

And how can the controlled masses ever be
lifted up from their low level? For the facts
of history show how easily ecclesiastical
propaganda has, more than once, produced masspsychological hysteria that is extremely dangerous for unorthodox teachers, as witness the
terrible work of the Crusades and Inquisition.

He who has the knowledge and the courage to
attempt to improve the lot of the masses would
be murdered by them before he could finish the
6 The ABERREE NAY, 1959