Volume 6, Issue 2, page 13

science, in the form of human
understanding, to some extent,
leads this beast, being no
longer trampled in the mud of
illusion and gored with the
insanity of God-labeled hate.
In allegorical fantasy, the
devil took the name of God, and
belief became the ruler and
was worshipped; with knowledge ,
the Real God, hated and despised. Yet the indestructible
rose up out of the mud and the
seeming state of being gored
to death, and the ingenuity of
the ^ a n overcame the blind
emotional energies of the
beast .
"And so we come to the two
identities in ourselves, the
one of uncontrolled emotion
that has attached to us every
fear, acceptance of ill and
the world of ill-effects, that
debases, belittles , covers
with shame, cloaks with guilt ,
condemns with the judgments of
immorality the natural functions of the fleshly servant ,
and in every way shuts off the
light of the Divine Potential
of Real Self that is within
the human form. This identity
of mental-organic functioning
has in the past been considered
the only identity, and with
its congregation of imposed
limitations, caused the possessor thereof to feel helpless and inadequate. But now
we find this to be a false expression, not ourselves n o r
even our servant, but distortion thereof, and the servant,
once non-impeded, blocked and
thwarted, becomes immortal
perfectly able unto the end of
the task for which he was manifested. So we cast away the
false identity of the servant,
and when this servant's servitude in the redeeming process
is over, he also shall be taken and reabsorbed by the Real
Self from which he is projected. With true comprehension,
we see the true meaning of'Two
shall be in a bed, one taken
the other left ; two shall be
working in the field, one shall
be taken. the other left.'
"Escape This Life Alive',
Cromwell 's most liberating
book, sort of brings another
quotation into corrected meaning. 'He who loses his life
for My sake shall gain it into
life eternal'. He who loses
his fear of dying when he faces
a disturbance called disease
in his body, runs not to doctors who stop and block a beneficial process, but become
more alive, more normal in the
mental-physical body, and more
aligned and co-ordinated to
the Real Self.
"The servant -- the mentalphysical organically functionMAY, 1959
ing vehicle -- is very efficient,
but like a car that has been
tinkered with by pseudo-mechanics, it never has run like
the engineer intended. Being a
self-correcting machine, the
mechanic or physician is embodied in it, and if allowed
the freedom to work , will repair and tune up to the immortally-smooth operation intended. So once seen, we disregard
the ideas of insane self-styled
mechanics; we also realize the
body vehicle is not ourselves
but our possession, and for
the first time, get in and
drive it with sensible direction. Realizing we are not of
this earth, nor dominated by
its negative energies, we
transform and utilize these
forces for the power of traveling toward the manifested
perfection inherent in the Divine Potential of our Real
Selves. " - - Wayne Trubshaw,
Marysville, Wash.
"All is well here. Nice
group (100 or morel on Sundays
and also on Tuesdays at the
Wellington hotel. New York is
`high tension' all the time.
People on the go, go, go. Me
too (the body, that is. Lectures all over the place. One
tonight for a yoga group here
in town. Title is ' Samadbi' ,
its various aspects, how to do
it , etc. Like being cleared,
it's easier said than experienced. mostly, I suppose, because folks are afraid of being other than what they are.
Which is all right, too.
"Book is going well ... and
as the word and spirit gets
around, a second printing will
be necessary.
"Oh, yes, don't (a suggestion, not an order) drop the
Hart to Heart bit. It adds the
personal touch and makes the
mag. warm, really." -- Roy B.
Davis, New York.
"For the first time in my
life, something makes sense as
I read your sample copy...
"Scientology? T sk ! T sk 1
Poor things. They, like Alexander the great and etc., are
going to change the world, and
if you don't conform to their
idea, you're just plain nutty
as a fruitcake. But they are
sane (?). All I got out of it
was more confusion and a flat
checkbook. They lose interest
at once; no money, out you go.
"How can I get in torch
with Jeanne Bagby... ABER
has letter explaining that Pak
Subah will visit us in April .
Subud seems interesting and
practical. Would like to attend... that is, if they allow
strangers in their midst...And

thank you for letting me get
acquainted with The ABERREE,
It's the best." -- H.f.Sasth,
few Brunswick, N.J.
"Like the new cover design.
I'm sure that quite a bit of
work went into same, but there
is a gratification in creating
that o n l y the manipulator
knows.. .
"Should you need a few
words to tuck in here or there,
a Oiinese saying, `The heart
that gives, gathers'. I like
this -- but anything that smacks
of incense and rice polish
plunks the strings of something
within .
"Liked the Harold Kinney
story on John -- but there are
many 'Johns' trotting ab out
this earth ." -- Louis, Norristown, Ariz. 4 4 4
"Compliments to Fred Hand
on his views on Scientology.
Agree that Scientology is not
the only bridge nor only hope
for humanity. To get into and
out of Scientology is indicative of an individual growing.
Homo superior is not necessarily a Scientologist, clear or
"Some have what it takes,
some do not, and so the old
cliche, 'To each his own'. In
esoteric, psychic, or theta
levels, how high or big a thetan you are depends more upon
your own development and ability than on the opinions of
others, or validation thereof.
"It reminds me of the attitude of some religious authorities who give one the impression that God needs exploitation and defense and alliances
lest He be forgotten, ignored.
or trampled in the dust by
heathens and heretics. What a
God they worship!
"The auditorial on the God
within was well put; funny how
change of a single word distorts the entire value of a
"John, the telepath. Quite
interesting. Lot more of that
around than most realize." --
Infinite 20 .
"I much enjoyed your editorial in April ABERREE on 'The
Kingdom of God is within you'
text -- a 1,000-volt sermon. I
think you have a gift f o r
stripping o f f the fat and
stuff, and getting down to the
hard bone of a matter. I wish
all your contributors could be
as unobscure as you are.
"What in hell gets in to
guys that makes them talk in
parables and evasive weaselwordings? Maybe they get a kick
out of puzzling their readers
-- it may be an ego-feeder -- they