Volume 6, Issue 2, page 16

live in them until their merit
'karma' is used up and then
attain the great privilege of
human birth -- great because only humans can evolve further.
(There are other interpretations -- many of them -- but this
seems to be the most clearly
set forth.) There is a higher
goal than heaven. It is called
'Nirvana'. Nirvana is the central theme of Oriental religions, even those which deny it
or concern for it as Buddhism
does (particularly Zen).
"Rev. T rubshaw then discusses a vague mystical concept of 'relative physical
cells' which apparently think
about law, geometry, and medicine. All these subjects have
to do with abstract relationships and it is difficult to
see why and how a geometry'
cell differs from a'law' cell.
Worse yet, this interesting
theory does not involve what
is known of mental process in.
volving synapse, neurological
changes in the cells, etc. I
am afraid our friend is trapped in outworn superstitious
dogmas !
"This is not to be derogatory, but merely to point out
how difficult it is to breach
the 10,000 -year-high walls
that ignorance has raised.
"As a final point, Trubshaw
states 'our bodies are magnetic
and electrical. Admittedly, a
transformer is electrical and
magnetic also, by definition.
Yet try to design a transformer without considering the
properties of steel, distribution of masses, radiation of
heat, chemical contamination
of the dielectric, geometry of
the core and coil configuration, and such intangibles as
the purchaser's foibles, relative costs, and expected life
of the device. How much more
is involved in the human body!
.. It would be a better description because more complete
to say the body is a colloid --
which is a soap-like condition
-- which operates according to
the laws of therm-dynamics...
This living soap is irritable.
It responds to stimuli from
the outside. The problem of
mental health is to decondition these responses so the reaction will be less violent.
The whole complex of processes
has also acquired a personality and an ego