Volume 6, Issue 2, page 9

Part VI
HE VERY function of the mind makes it
impossible for man to invent, discover, or know anything which does not
first have its cause expression within
man's own body -- the human kingdom. The
expression of life in the human kingdom is the
highest expression of vibratory energy. All
actions of energy in lower kingdoms are relative and dependent upon the first kingdom -- the
human kingdom.

If man's mind is molded to express true
ideas—that is, principles of knowledge -- he
has made a channel of his mind so that inner
actions can make true impressions. Edison was
a very practical man in his certain quest; he
sought for a practical knowledge, he opened
his mind to let this practical knowledge come
thru from within -- to the conscious mind field.
In this manner, Edison became conscious. (It
is well here to become fully aware that we are
dealing with laws of action, NOT memorizations
of conditions, events, theories, ideas, or imaginations. Impressions made upon the mind
from the outside, and retained within, is a
functioning of reflex -- a functioning of memory
-- and is AOT expression.)
In the Bible, man's mind, man's expression
of life, is classified as a servant. The mind
cannot actually know any real thing—it can
merely act as a channel for an action to connect with a relative expression in a lower
field. If the action is set in motion in the
lower field, the mind becomes conscious of the
outer field action, (A student learning first
memorizes, then expresses, a consciousness of
the law studied. Applying the memory to false
thoughts cannot lead to expression for there
is no law to express. The mind is over-taxed,
feeding a state that has no support. Superstitions and beliefs have their origin in this
mental practice. A large percentage of strong
believers go insane; the reason for this should
be quite apparent.)
Yan has always gone down to lower fields of
knowledge. He has gone down to the knowledge
of outer expressions of laws lower than his
own expression. Man has never gone u to a
higher law than himself. (The human kingdom
servant self.) He erroneously developed high
mind expressions -- and missed entirely a practical introduction into a distinctly superior
law of action.

The whole field of so-called civilization
embodies a development of outer-law expression,
lower than man's own life expression in his
human kingdom. This has been called progress—
advance. The only reason it looks like an advance is because man can make no comparison to
the higher road -- the road leading in the opposite direction. A clear scientific vision reveals man on a path -- a path going down -- not a
path progressing upward/ His practicability
was applied on the road going the wrong direction. Belief, superstition, mental science,
material science blinded him. Man, tho in many
ways practical, misdirected his application;
he became very efficient in traveling away
from himself, from his real self.

All we need in order to move on to the right
road is to sweep all fanatical rubbish and
mind science knowledge aside and LOOK -- look
with scientific eyes—for a different and
higher law than that of man (human life expression). We must get the scientific attitude
-- for there is no benefit in something that
cannot be understood. It is the right kind of
knowledge that will make us free!
The medical scientists tell us that for
every active cell in the body, there are many,
many cells, or seeds of cells, that are inactive. In fact, a comparison has been made of
the distance between active cells as being
relative to the stellar spaces between stars.
(Even tho one is aware of the human kingdom
being false, and the stellar system of space
an illusion, the very fact it is in a limited
state (that of illusion) pegs for us the feeble flame of life we have, and the tremendous power volume of life that can be added
unto it.)
We know that in man's ordinary span of life
he can only learn a few of the things known by
the human family, collectively. We know that
all the mental cell seeds are there, so that
regardless of what man desires to learn—in
the mind law field -- he can learn. His choice,
however, is limited -- not because he cannot
learn all, but because he has not time to
learn all.

History reveals to us an almost limitless
field of mind actions that man has expressed,
and he probably could go on revealing more and
more of these mind expressions which are of no
vital benefit, because they do not and cannot
increase or improve man's life expression.

In this mass of non-expressive seed cells
within the body of man, there are cell seeds
of a nature entirely different from the water
element mind seeds and cells. These entirely
different cell seeds are classified by our
scientists as non-expressive matter, or substance. They tell us there is a relative nonexpressive substance in all kingdoms of matter. This substance, because it is not of the
water element universe, like mind law substance, cannot be analyzed by our chemists, so
they call it "Quantity X''. (Quantity X is a
real self body "Quality " substance -- the material from which the Perfect Body is constructed.

This different substance is the yeast, the
germination, the beginning, the CREATION of an
entirely different world of matter. This substance will not respond or grow to the action
of vibratory cause energy, expressed by the
mind law. A higher regenerative energy -- a
CRRISt EIERGY -- which is relative to this substance of seeds, is the only force strong
enough to start these seeds into growth.
(To be continued in the next issue)
first lesson of Life. And these same deceived
and enslaved masses ask the silly question,
"why do the Masters not come out in public and
teach us the ways of life?"
Make safe and strait the way of the Masters,
and they will appear.
(To be continued in the next issue.)
The power of God is the power of good. The
power of evil is the power of man to define
what is/isn't good.
He who tries to please the masses
Shares a stall with bridled asses.