Volume 4, Issue 9, page 13

While We Grope thru Garbage for
Behind "Iron Curtain" Study Col
Key to Futur
9 T IS A SAD and astounding fact that vast
numbers of our own people are gropin
in a deepening psychical darkness; ou
ill, our lonely, our desperately un
happy are paying out huge sums of mone
for instructions into the "secrets " of pover
ty-ridden, long-vanished civilizations of th
ancient past -- while beyond the Iron Curtain of
the Oriental East, in some of the very sam
areas wherein many of the primitive magic se
crets originated thousands of years ago, sci
entists of a high order are spending THEI
days and nights in designing and launchin
super-satellites loaded with space-piercin
equipment, and in unlocking the further secret
of the cosmic rays.

In the mysterious East, men of the finesI
minds are sitting beneath gigantic electroni
lens structures as tall as skyscrapers, seekin
to decipher what is now definitely known t
be intelligent communication from interstella
space -- while many of our own people are con
suming their energies and their money gawkin
over worthless texts allegedly based on th
decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphics on of
fragments of clay tablets produced by sick and
ignorant priests of bygone ages!
It's obvious that, for example, in the cas
of alleged ancient Egyptian secret ways o
life, that the Egyptian dynasties finally fel
intd ruins, disclosing that there was litti
of lasting value in their cruel and crud
systems. The remarkable motion picture, " Th
Ten Commandments ", while scientifically unten
able in many aspects, does convincingly por
tray on the basis of the most extensive his
torical research, the horrible poverty of th
ancient Egyptian civilizations and the value
lessness of both their and their rulers' way
of life.

Similarly, the touted ancient civilization
of the Mayan Indians likewise vanished i
ruins under the tropical jungle. It is no
known that the visionary "illuminations " o
the ancient Mayans were the products of mind
that were in the grip of vicious narcotics
The jungle has engulfed them all The future of mankind does not lie in stum
bling about among the crumbling ruins of th
disease- and poverty-ridden past, nor in pay
ing tribute of its present money-hungry hig
priests and self appointed representatives
The future of Man lies in the effective utili
zation of the far more fantastic secrets o
interstellar space, of cosmic ray energies
of modern bionucleonic research -- secrets th
outclass the feeble (tho not entirely iaccur
ateguesses of the ancients as completely
a 3,000,000-horsepower satellite launcher out
classes the crude flying contraptions envi
aged a century or so ago.

Similarly, I feel that the self-hypno tap
culminating eight years in electropsychometri
research, and which is dealt with in explici
detail in "Practical Self -Hypnosis" , is
helpful step in the direction of an ultramo
er, streamlined application of the incredibl
powers of man's beingness, so definitely b u
1 s our
ye R g g s c g o g e da a se d
Secrets of Dead Past, "Wise Men" mic Rays and Interstellar Space
e is Here Now