Volume 4, Issue 9, page 14

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By ARY and PAUL COX add little va]
A Synergetics Work shop was because they
held in Oak Ridge, Tenn., over imitate, they
the Thanksgiving holiday. The only at the
main dish was an honest old Had they spe
turkey-talk roasted in synergy, energy tryin
basted with empathy, and to be themsel
served with communication. The have been suc
recipe is a synergetics family too -- with mor
favorite, obtained from Coul- in the long
ter's Columbus Cookbook, using No one mini
about equal parts teamwork and because a kit
group tracking. A special ''syn- each vagrant
ergetics tool-sharpening" ses- course and all
sion was held to insure proper even worse to
handling of the situation. All bits of paper
who partook were enthusiastic of a kite.
in their expressions of the
worthiness of the affair. Under
workshop conditions, which are aeateo t
getting to be well-known, these
expressions could hardly have
been just polite remarks. ,.
what sort of things were
the people attending the work-
4 4 --
shop interested in? There was =Ai
some talk about happier living
at home and at work -- about
greater business success -- ' a
freedom f rom psychosomatic a ailments ranging from sniffles B Rev. JA
to cancer -- releasing artistic' By
expression -- all as a result of FAIRHOPE,
being freed from impedances. developmentswe guess there's hardly a human ginning to col
accomplishment that some of us First of
are not working toward thru into the new
synergy. There was an air of purchased th
expectancy, and an atmosphere of the student
of freedom an d gladness just erty in whit
to be, and be at one with duction facil
friends. It was full and vir- sconced. The
ile, and permeated everything now being,
we did. f o r student
Bob Howard of Cincinnati, This has resu
who never attended a meeting much - needed
of this kind before, reported which will
he had gained a very satisfy- next year or
ing feeling of confirmation Our staff
about the work he and Betty erably since
have been doing in their own ihto the teac
family. Frank Silver of Martinsburg, W.Va., was impressed enyen, who we
by the freedom from orthodoxy ent, write t
and the willingness really to spired to sp
listen to each other. Bill in Phil adel ph
Sells of Naples, Fla., rated with an ey
the workshop as "right up with three 12•year
the one in Columbus in 1956". dren of syn
Paul Cox, business manager, invited to pa
said one thing he got out of session of gr
it was $3.50 from each syner- kids were eag
geticist, a figure arrived at with their e
by pro-rating the cost of the of equality
Thanksgiving dinner, work esty, and on
schedules, mimeographing, etc. afterwards, '
Beth Bolling and Lew Mort- than a circus
J r
T O R I A L ing business more completely.

FROM PAGE 2) We now are running two basic
few million other clinics: One, the body-dynamohn's background ics clinic for structurally
eulogy ideal for removing the inhibiting
ALONE . Bill, and thought forms , and secondly,
k -- with different the faith clinic for renovacouldn't, no mat- ting the worn-out faith of
tried, practice those interested in learning
logy that P.John HOW to produce the things in
raining made them the world that they deem neeients to it -- and essary f o r themselves and
were trying to others.
were succeeding We have added a number of
art of imitating, courses since our board of
nt half as much trustees gave us the green
g to be creative, light on expanding our exoterves, they could is teachings. For example, we
now have a course called ' The
cessful at this, Art of. Marriage' to assist in
e to show for it removing marriage problems and
un, to give a basic,groundwork for
s to be a kite, new or forthcoming marriages.
e is dependent on We also have a course called
breeze for its 'The Personality Development'
itude. But it's course, which originally was to
be one of those have been a 'charm' course for
tied to the tail women but when written for us,
turned out to be so basic that
it was seen to apply equally
well to men. Coming up shortly
,21O.pe will be 'The Basics of Friendship' course which deals with
.9` friendship more from the in`. ternal security viewpoint.
„ —,. Other courses being written
include such items as SalesL manship, Human Functioning,
Memory, Elementary Co-ordina/ '~,r Lion of the Bible, and a wide
a t rh o p e range of others .

The new model of the 'TempMES W. WELGOS or-Mentor' is in the process
of production and will become
Ala. -- Some recent available in January. An old
-and what is be- training device called 'The
e into fruition: Prayer Block' is now being
all is our move dressed up for commercial proproperty. We have duction and will probably be
ru the donations called 'The Magic Mind Mirror'.
s a $21,000 prop- Recent additions to the
h all of the pro- staff have been Donna Brunkow
ities are now en- of Minneapolis, Robert E.Smith,
older place is also of the Twin Cities vicintemporarily, used ity, and Margaret Kieffer from
training only. North Dakota and California. A
lted in giving us number of others are arriving
space expansion or planning on arriving here
hold us for the shortly for various reasons.
so. O u r recent advertising has
has grown consid- been producing so well that
we began to go for November, we added more
hing and publish- than 100 new students. This
has indicated a line of prore not even pres- duction that will be mined
hat they were in- more thoroly and is expected
onsor a workshop add more than 1,000 new
is on Dec. 27-28. students within the next 60 to
e to the future, 90 days.
-olds, all chil- With our student enrolment
ergeticists, were growing as it is, we are exrticipate in one pecting to have "to open our
oup tracking. The doors to a fully -year-around
er to communicate training school. The personnel
lders on a level have been trained for it. Most
and complete hon- of the staff is doubling in
e of them said teaching and clinical work, but
'This is more fun the separation expects to be
. In one of th^ made within a year.