Volume 4, Issue 9, page 5

Earth to Tremble with War Cri
Reap Harvest of Hazardous Cold
Dec. 21, 1957, to March
~HE YEAR 1958 brings many perils,
hazards, and violent crises to the
earth. A great war warning falls
over Europe, the Middle-east, Russia, Africa, U.S.A., and other localities
around the earth.

Expect no real peace during 1958 on
your earth plane. Warring factions within
nations will struggle desperately for
power, shaking t h e balance insanely.
Strained relations will continue between
Russia and Turkey, leading to some exchange of gunfire between soldiers of
both nations. Altho this will not lead to
open warfare, there will be no mending of
fences during this quarter.

The U.S. still lacks the technical and
nuclear know-how to launch any sizable
satellite in 1958. This may come as a
shock to the average American, but why
must they feel that if they can't be
first they won't play? They still have
the highest standard of living, and for
the moment that is of prime importance to
the everyday man in the street.

There will be radical changes in the
United Nations. There will be a shifting
of alliances affecting both nations and
geographical mutations. This will bring
reverberations that will be felt by people everywhere.

The weather of this winter will be
much disturbed, extreme cold, colder, and
more hazardous than before. Contrary to
one scientific school of thought, the
effects of nuclear bombings will be reaped
on the whole face of this earth. Einstein's curvature of space is no mere
theory, and any rupture of space will
bring a chain reaction (boomerang results). Atom and hydrogen bomb tests, as
well as the violent rocket ejections with
and without satellites, will bring its
disruptive harvest this winter -- turbulent
blizzards, bitter cold, and jumbo hail.
It will tie up traffic and commerce worse
than in the blizzard of `47 (earthwise) .
Due to the violence of this winter, hardships and suffering will prevail, traffic
and commerce will be almost at a standstill. Many will be plagued by widespread
sicknesses. In a measure, some benefits
will accrue thru many wonderful meteorological changes. The upheaval will bring
to the surface in the U.S.A. new mining
discoveries, oil expansion, uranium, and
other finds. Mining discoveries will be
JAN.-FM., 1958 Tha ARRPPRR
; 3 T
es -- Bomb Tests and Satellites
-- - Great Medical Discovery Due
for 1258
0, 1958
sensational, bringing new scientific
achievements concerning water, irrigation, and food -- introducing people to new
ways and means of livelihood.

Agriculture will not be too fortunate
in the U. S. A. , Canada, and other countries
of your hemisphere. Yet great new strides
will be evident in land, property, and
real estate; also, big new building projects will commence.

In the U.S.A., be prepared for a major
political change. Labor will suffer many
upheavals and many strikes. Public health
will require greater attention and care.
Epidemics will be widespread in '58.

There will be a great medical discovery by a young doctor in the U. S. A.,
which will cure many diseases which up to
now have been mostly fatal. It will be a
most amazing discovery and a boon to the
medical profession.

There will be two solar and one lunar
eclipse early in 1958 -- the solar April
18-19, the lunar on the third day of the
following month. These eclipses will be
followed by earthquakes, and weather distress of great violence.

There is the possibility of collapse
of governments of Red regimes, attended
by widespread war crises.

New forms of entertainment will be introduced, and a great increase in travel
will prevail. New styles and fashions
will revolutionize dress and apparel.

New Year 1958 will usher in a revolutionary kind of year, bringing new life
and great changes in all departments of
living -- both in governmental and individual affairs.

The weird faces and bodies depicted by
science fiction-minded people, of life on
other planets, are wholly imaginary, and
wholly without any foundation in fact.
Despite the correct method of reasoning
of man's mind concerning conditions favorable to human life on mars and Venus
and planets of other solar systems, there
are no human carnate beings elsewhere
than on earth. However, there exists some
primitive marine life on Mars and on the
Moon. Conditions for the survival of mankind on both the Moon and Mars are wholly
impossible. The largest marine life on
the Moon (lizard-like) is 14 inches long.
The largest on Mars, of a different nature, is about five inches long.

I said that the only habitation for
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