Volume 4, Issue 9, page 18

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"APROPOS -- I quote: 'Perfec- day, Sciento
tion desires nothing.' `Man do all that
sinks from perfection by reas- for it How
on of (1) desire -- ' 'In his (I tell myse
perfect state man desired no- some of the
thing.' I've never seen the says will wo
absurdity of the Fall of Man isn't becaus
from perfection stated with dumb to under
such bald clarity. What, Mr . engrams are
Schrader, did Perfect Man de- getting the
sire? ... tology that
"PLOUGHING -- Apsel's ghosts is in it.
again. So a good spirit gives "When 'Th
its name , does it? ' Gracious of the popula Sir', 'Glorious One' -- these at the Wic
are names? They sound more 'gulped sail
like ike titles . Like Dynamo. I'm hour, trying
not campaigning against spir- clam-stage
its. I just doubt (with evi- made some o
dente) that being dead gives likewise. I
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tinctions or privileges. I 'Dirty Thirt
agree with Bent's last para- my pre-clea
graph. Also the old paradox: walk betwee
If a true prediction of the hours on en
future cannot be changed, it with me? I ki
is useless, and as good as you can tel
nothing. If it can be changed, a bit confus
it is not a true prediction. "The othe
"This is the season we entologists
thank God, who is Good by clef- house and be
inition, for not having been new techniqu
Evil last year. This is one of enthusiastic
those concepts t h e more I the same tic
think of which, the less I can gotten into
figure it."