Volume 4, Issue 9, page 6

human carnate entities is here on earth.
This is true with one addition. We have a
subterranean civilization. Human beings,
called Florians, live in the hollow of
the earth, 19.11 miles below the area of
U. S. A . , including Lake Michigan. This
land is called Templetowne, and in a
later talk, I may give more details on
this. However, I wigh to say that the
Florians have been tunneling upwards
since 1953 and are due to reach the
earth's surface, within the area covered
by the (bombing) proving grounds iu Nevada, by the spring of 1958. The leaders
will emerge, and within an hour or two of
appraisal, realize that living conditions
for them is not possible. They will then
return, covering their tracks.

In answer to the point-blank question
put to the "Radiant One", "Can Capitalism
our 'Problem Child'

Astrologer Looks Into The ABE
She Sees Adds Up to a L
RMAGEDDON is on our doorstep. Started 9/57 when Russia took over
Syria without firing a shot. Took
'lessons from Hitler. All over oil,
too. Stock up the larder; this isn't going to be fun! Could be a hot war, come
4/58. And what with Russia's satellite --
she's ready for it.

As for The ABERREE -- your heart IS in
Your work. Those letters add up to 6 -- domestic. It keeps you home more surely
than a live, crying infant.

Having no birth hour, I can only set
up a sun reading, such as one might find
in the astrological wags -- good for anyone
born on that day, in that year, any place
on the globe.

The "gifted child" did have some nice
aspects out here in Phoenix: Sun, business, and Mercury, writing, are conjoined.
Each lends the other strength. In the next
house, Mars and Venus are conjoined. Mars
is energy, and Venus -- oh, well, you know,
love, pleasure, and even money. Couldn't
be better.

This is a "problem child". because
Saturn, the planet of restrictions, hard
work, , and frustration, is in retrograde
motion -- or apparently. The planet doesn't
go backwards, but the earth swings around,
making it seem so.

ABERREE No. 2 was issued April 15,
1953, at Enid. This is even a better
chart. But the old debbil Saturn is still
retrograde -- this was more work than you
bargained for. It's SLOW, and will continue to be, yet it has the spark that
makes people LOVE the baby.

The Sun, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, and
Mars, too, are all in the first house --
R t t e d r u t
as represented by the U.S.A. and its
fringe, and Communi as represented by
the U. S. S.S.R. and its fringe, live in
peaceful co-existence?", the Radiant One
said: "Yes, if the people of both camps
will live by the golden rule: 'Do unto
others as ye would have others do unto
you.' It will remove all obstacles.
"The success of one major political
party means the defeat of the other;
still they both serve unitedly to perpetuate national interests. We have the
north and the south often opposed to each
other, still they unite in all emergencies. Look in the ranks of the military
organizations, and we see a potpourri of
people, looking as ONE, unified by one
uniform. Then why not people of the earth
unifying in the interests of their home,
the EARTH?"
Gets Its 'Fortune To1d'
REE's Planetary Chart, and What
of of 'Spiration' ('In' and Per')