Volume 4, Issue 4, page 14

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some of these are given in a suits. Man, pi
chapter entitled "proven meth- ize how
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Now that we know what's Multipliers
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AWARENESS, "Carey". 50o . and there are
G.C. and B. R. Bent, 212 South four synergic
Louise, Glendale, Calif. more. But st
This little booklet on pre- synergic moe
natal auditing may startle a ficult problem
few auditors who have the idea sisting our st
a mother should not be audited It would b
during pregnancy, but it is this problem
one of the suggestions given solved. That
for removing aberrations from at least a YeE
the new-born infant. "When you and still w
are removing from the mother, able to say st
you are removing forr the in- maintained for
fart", states the booklet, and can saY that a
points out the importance of has been achie
this phase of Dianetics which I am making
has been so sorely neglected diction that
the last few years, ergeticist,
"The booklet is not intend- higher intell'
ed to show how, but why and honesty, and
especially when to audit", load of at mo
George C. Bent, HC A, says of age. will be
the Bents' aims. in the syne
probably there are many who result of or
have lost sight of the pre- Schedule B, t
natal phase of Dianetics who the Workshop.
will profit from this potent ing my neck
reminder that the Dianetics whether it get
which once worked still does. not.
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. Basically, the
done a great deal /
ics, and I would a atrh0 pe
cly acknowledge
ss to him and to FAIRHOPE, Ala. -- My Califorappreciation for nia trip was the biggest sucdone. His major cess imaginable. Aside from
in my opinion, the fact I spoke to a large
applications of number of groups and had a
ntics and game very large number of appointergetics. I per- ments, I was kept very busy.
learned something My schedule was jammed from 7
ng he has written a.m. till midnight almost evollow his future ery night that I was there and
vities with great that was close to four weeks.
ews is the conDuring my meditations over
ce of-Synergetics the last three years I've been
finding more and more pieces
s. The work with of the "human puzzle" residing
Multipliers itfu coe- in the body. The material put
eld donttul al- out by Dr. Rolf tied a very
pple don't real- large number of these pieces
they really are! all into one neat package for
nt Intelligence me and will enable me to make
are now getting the "Human Functioning" course
and they are all into a whiz-bang course that
eresting and ex- will give health, vitality, and
facts, increased creativity to anyone
Synergetic Work- who uses it.
held in Columbus She also enabled me to escan't remember a tablish the old clinical apwe been as exci- proach on a much more effectsiastic as I am ive basis. While we must not
ing. For several go beyond the "fact" that we
have been try- are posturally integrating
ways of produc- people, what we are actually
" -- persons who doing is freeing the consciousd in the syner- ness of the body so that it
synergic mode, can begin to function again in
een evoked many the new ways that the student
ber of persons desires. The improved posture
now in existence and internal functioning are,
teams -- perhaps for us, mere by-products of
bilizinP in the what we are really gaining
has been a dif- from the use of this process.
, stubbornly re- Nor is this process a compl eterongest efforts. ly new thing. It has been used
premature to say in the Orient for many ages
has finally been but without the establishment
will take time -- of the "ideal" that we work
r -- to establish, toward and which we achieve
would only be within 10 hours. Why does it
ability had been work? Simple -- the flesh is
a year. But I permeable to new ideas and
major breakthru will retain them.
ved. There have been too many
the flat pre- who have made claims that they
the average Syn- couldn't back up in this field
ith average or of study -- but we can actually
gence and self- photograph it and show how it
with a dysergy works -- not a year or six months
st 2/ 3 of aver- from now, but RIGHT NOW! Not
ble to stabilize only this but the mental imgic mode as the provements show up very quicke transit thru IT also. I've literally seen
o be released at miracles with this technique
I know I'm stick- that anyone can look at and
out. We'll see see.
s chopped off or Enthusiastically (at last!1