Volume 4, Issue 4, page 9

Clara Contacts the
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Chapter VI
THE DYNAMO does not indorse any mode
of thought or philosophy which denies the reality of the external
world, or which makes a puppet of
the mind.
The acceptance of this real world
and its problems seems to be the hallmark
of sanity. The visionary, the neurotic,
and the psychotic have personally distorted views of reality. They have fled to
an imaginary world instead of facing the
real one. The sanest humans are those who
enjoy working thru the problems of life
and creating a fortress for themselves
and a stronger self in the process.

A good definition I saw the other day
in a national magazine is that "A neurotic
is a person who is hard to get along
with". He won't agree that two plus two
is four. The psychotic has his own system
of magic, a junking of the rules of logic
and the testimony of the senses.

So, any of these systems which make
mincemeat of common sense, and lead to a
labyrinth of self-flattering delusions,
are dangerous. Honesty is the flying boat
we must ride in our search for truth.

It is work to unbuild the foolish
house of dreams and to build a new temple
of solid material, and it will not be
done automatically by "running out" the
experience of our lives. We have to create what we want in our imagination and
work toward it.

Said the Dynamo:
The way to go the records show
The farmer and the lawyer know
The steps are thru the undertow.

The earth is hard, the lawyer's brief
Contained the hours of faith and grief.
The road is clear. The featherbed
Awaits the old, the. young, the dead.
The height of folly; burst of heaven
Reveals the hour to knead the leaven.
The sixth step is THE LEVELING OF THE

If one is an extrovert, and successful
in undertakings, well adjusted and happy
in home life and social contacts, one
will not very likely get started on this
individuation process.

It is something that comes in response
to a need. The well-adjusted individual
who accepts conventional formulae in his
approach to life is not the one who blazes
the new trails and contributes to evolution.

The former individual would be on a
"high tone level", yet he would be so
disinclined to look inward that he would
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Copyright 1957 by Paul E. O'Neill
For four years, Paul and clara o'Neill
have been in contact with a rhyming entity
from what Paul calls a "higher plane of consciousness", who first conversed thru an
Ouija board. Now this "crutch" has been done
away with, and clara is able to pick up messages direct. The contact has identified it—
self only as "the Dynamo", and its messages
it calls "Elfin Rhymes". During the four
years, it has urged the O'Neills not to talk
idly with others about the messages, but to
make them publ ic -- and how more public can
you get than to print them in The ABERREE?
-- The EDITOR.
likely scoff at the existence of "The
Wise Old Man" within us.

Psychic powers, such as projection of
the astral body (rare) and clairvoyance
in time and space, are things that come
when we concentrate on them and meditate
and build up home and expectancy. They
are not a sign of being "a clear" or even
a sign that one is progressing toward
this goal (if there is such a state).

It is best not to seek psychic powers
until one has achieved an integrated
state. With the exception of contact with
the Dynamo or guide, these things are a
stumbling block and a diversion- which may
hinder or block your progress.

Many a student of one of our recent
"messiahs" does not realize how lucky he
was that he did not get "three feet back
of his head".
"The masters and the path beyond the
hill". (The hill is maturity.)
There was reason behind Jesus's admonition: "Seek ye first the kingdom of
heaven and all these things will be added
unto you."
But to take up the Sixth Step: The
ancients have compared the mind of man to
a lake. The waves are the emotions -- the
fears, sorrows, joys, an d sadness that
disturb the calm surface. Yes, and anger,
too. That is the most important disturber
of the lake.

The Dynamo here envisions the elimination of NEGATIVE emotions. They are the
destructive ones. The positive emotions
are the pleasant ones and are constructive
in that they tend to build health and
align us with the will to live.

In this program, we do not try to
eliminate the positive emotions but rather nourish and encourage them. Our goal
is not the development of psychic powers
but the realization of a well-rounded maturity, as the first great goal in the
"Steps of Heaven".

There will be other steps beyond this