Volume 4, Issue 4, page 17

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TION -- Q. What physical thing direction, I
can travel instantaneously from better way
one location to another with- alive -- both in
out traversing the space be- Scientology.
tween , and can be in two widely "By the w
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Q. Hubbard claims to be a nu- showed up wit]
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into every field and this is a meg." -- Irene
basket of them... It speaks erne, Mass .
badly for the faculty and staff
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all the bad publicity they The new tr.
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mean. Scientologists who adopt Course', 'Upp
the freedom end without adopt- CCH
ing also the responsibility "I would sa, are, naturally, bad citi- few exception
zens, bad auditors, and proba- HCA's and val
bly bad people. Every ethical the new method
philosopher and religious auditing sr.=
leader for the past 10 millen- about anybody.
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understand it . Your subjects Probably get
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dent of counselling psychology all modern tee]
and magic), Houston, Texas. initial appro
is below the
"For many years now I have ingness proces
followed your career thru Dia- tial approache
netics an d Scientology and at control of have had occasion to read the control of att
Aberree off and on, always "The mode
with pleasure. Since my oblig- trained to
ing friend with a subscription (postulate w
to your mag, has left for thought) durin
parts unknown, I am delighted "Believe m
to send my $ 2 so that I will Bob Ross, Wash
not miss out on your thoughtprovoking and sometimes 'scary' "That comme
writings. Many people, up my lert (you say
way, 'know' you and Alice; you gel es , but non
are both considered very 'sta- books lists hi
ble' elements, quite loyal to pendence of
GROUP TRACKING: An Introduction to Synerge
is the simplified, popular edition . . . .

SYNERGETICS An Experiment in Human Develop
is the technical text
Bil d - A- Man Kit. A work program of querie
Operation Traverse. A work program of
Schedule 'A'. An advanced work program for
Director Activation. Analytically restricted
of Operation Traverse and Schedul
Write to DON G. PURL
301 Derby Building, Wichita 2 ,
O., V_enr..cY 1047 T L. a 0 D Zi' D D Ti'
~i t aa a q K
de and
esnite the fre- those who are not satisfied
n the pants you with the status quo deserves
minister in that prolonged applause. Recomelendcan think of no ed reading along this line
o keep interest the chapter entitled 'Wort.=
the Aberree and Without Walls' in Robert Jung's
book, 'Tomorrow is Already
y, whatever hap- Here'. If the psychologists
once , Mr. Hart, succeed in adjusting us compicture taken pletely to our environment --
gy M ag . and you words fail me." -- Ivor Darreg ,
h no face ! I've Los Angeles, Calif .
that all these
"Thanks for letting us pubu both a Merry- licly testify as to the state
with plenty of we are in right now.

Your interesting "My questions in the mary
r. Delaney, Hath- Baker Eddy article were sincere ones. I am not a Christ' ian Scientist, but recognize
shington taking that other fields have facets
a great course, of truth. I asked MY questions
me instructor is because pre-clears have been
the course, and coming to me with their stable
over too well . datum considerably shaken,
ining is set up without satisfying concepts
, 'Communication having been developed to fill
er Indoc.', and the vacuum.
that with a "Scientology tools are gets all graduate ting to be more powerfully
idated HCA's by simple. Sb much so , that we
is canable of can put theen into the hands of
s essfully is ca j e s f the simplest person, at the
simplest level , and they too
the better audi- can DO with them. Especially
do faster and the communication formula.
1 hlevel re- They leave us with the insight
higher i the basis of that they can create a new atr, for the mosphere within their own cirthe, basis
ue acases des. And that is good. The
think- first note in the scale of
level all
These se harmony is 'do'
see sere ni- - "'A little philosophy ins . are
body then clineth a man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy
ention. bringeth men's minds about to
m auditor is religion'.- -Bacon's Essays.
pproach Tone 40 "Being processed, and proithout counter- cessing others for 5% years,
g the session, has jogged me into theta cone , it works:' -- siderations that I did not
ington, D. C. have before, and I call this a
by Mark Gtone rise, since it has innt
nt b creased my understanding, usehe in Los Gal- l of our in 5 phone fulness, and ability to come ) about the de- municate. This experience has
e changed my way of living