Volume 2, Issue 3, page 4

4 The .. , duda, 1955
continually serves and services. -- and .vice
versa. The vicious circle.

The focal point and the vacuum are enaealed,and 'ehsouled A.n a zero. The point
of all. .can. wily exist in the absence of
all, which com only exist in the circumf`erence '-ot nothing -- zeros within zeros.

Every focal point and every vacuity balances the balance of the universe. The
concentrated infinity of the zero point
equals and balances the decentrated absolute zero of space, like a small mass
of lead balances a huge mass of feathers.

Everything means everything else.

Take away the circumference,
the knowable, from the circle and
that which is left is the zero
vacuum, the negative field. Edison shook the world when, he
placed a charred broom straw in a vacuum
and it burst into a glow. Hermetically
sealed virgin vacuum tubes are used universally to amplify and accentuate the
positive. The uncharged vacuum is the
catalyst. The word "virgin" means "going
forth pure", the" "gin" here being the
process of distillation by evaporation.
e Take the circumference, the knowable, and draw it closer in toward the
center, making it smaller and smaller,
bringing it to a point. This is the zero
focal point of all, the physical point of
emergence, the beginning. This is the
vice in the dichotomy of vice versa and
in the ser-vice, the binding back, the
"religature" of religion. "Begin" means
"be pure", the "gin" here being the process of distillation by condensation.

Distill is the di-still, is the Godstill, is the dual co-existence of the
evaporating and condensing still, is the
purifying still of stillness.

The point and the circle,
which is the material AND the immaterial, is the Supreme basic
dichotomy, centered everywhere
with circumference nowhere. It is
no-dimensional and all-dimensional; it_is
object and background, concretion and abstraction. Viewed together, to unite and
to untie, are synonymous AND antonymous
in perpetuity. Viewed separately they
are worlds in collision -- in co-illusion.

Zeros divided are still zeros. To be installed AND instilled, to be unity AND
divinity, is to be distilled in the
stillness. A point without space, or
space without a point, is unthinkable.

Whatever attributes or freedom from attributes that can be applied to one dichotomy can be applied to all.

Positive fire .and negative water is a
vice versa. In the presence of fire,
water. explodes. In the presence of water,
fire implodes. The fire puts out the
water and the water pits &n