Philip Friedman, continued

Russell of $wannannoa, Va., sum .ng it
up as "Balanced Rhythmic Interchange"..
sommmlw The horizontal line- is the
base-of the 1 and is a picture of
a prostrate passive, feminine form, .It is
a diameter;_ a dia-meter, a God mater, ' a
God motorthyr ashes of decentration from
which . the 'vertical rises. It is a sign
of minxes. -- minus her vertical mati, unpaired and impaired.

HF, The cross-pollinating or planting of male and female lines
forms a -plus -- an. addition. The
plus is the cross of etter. The
lines of a plus ,have . the .most opposite
and separated polarities possible. The
more opposite, the more attraction and
the more potent is the physical son birth
that is cored into space.

In the right angle triangle,
the lines and the angle spaces
are related as sines and cosines -- sons and cousins. In
the right angle triangle, PythMother 4 agorus pictured the vertical
father as a "3", the horizontal mother as
.a "4", and the diagonal son as a "5". ' The
diagonal son is the dia-long side; that
is, longer than the father or the mother.

The son is the square root of the sum of
the squares of the father and the mother.

The son is the high potency of the hypotenuse. Boys are acid actions. Girls are
alkaline reactions.

So, reading between the lines
of the father and the mother, the
X.-ing is the immaterial immortal
Christ. The cross of Christ is
the dissolution of the male and female
cross of matter. The cross of matter is
the integration of the cross of Christ.

The point is assimilated by space, which
in turn recircumscribes itself cubically,
gathering up the piece, .:- reforming thm
into a new point of matter, even as Isis
did -- sans genitalia. Action- is coming
into the point, reaction is going out
froM the point.
- It is apparent that, after the f i.r-st
flush . of youthful perpendicularity, a
spinning world., wh .rling like a top,-must
topple,- and, -following its natural _ bent,
the +=-becomes an X, repulsing: itself back
into space, become a medium for
another plusing.

The X is the division of the 1 into
its male and female parts, in which the
vertical male component has fallen down
and has become more femininely horizontal
while the horizontal female component has
fallen up and has become more masculinely
vertical, changing extreme opposites to
exact likes, thereby repelling and-X-acting each other. The X is the space of
nothingness between the lines of matter
in which everything has its cording and
recording. The Christocentric is Xocentrid. Xman is Xmas.

The picturing of this momentaneous +-ing and X-ing,•'now here
and no where, effortless and nondirective, is the basic symbol of
the parent Christian church. This is the
portrayal of Supreme Being and of every
order of Being, be it astronomical, . biological, or psychological, and it is the
common denominator of them all. The various parts seemingly making up or unmaking,this whole is Maya.

The sages of the ages of all races,
religions, and orders -- civilized and' savage—knew this ' principle and have precisely and unmistakably defined and designed it. Although the elements in their
variety of symbolic pictures differ, yet
the basic meaning remains unchanged.

So, forthcoming articles in this series—continuing to unfold the symbols --
will zeroize on religions as skulls and
cross bones, flags as flagelates, knowings as no-ings, spires as spirals, cards
as creeds, numbers as No.-s, sphinxes as
sphincters, sects as sex, superstitions
as superstitions, Dr. Jekyl as Mr. Hide,
magic's ilk as witches' milk, the torso
and more so.

Being begins at zero, ends at zero,
and is zero, in all eternity -- N(. Being
in the Silence is being a focal point in
vacuity. It is being inactively engaged.

Take nothing with you into the Silence.

So, Low and Bewholed. Relax, drop the
Jaw, close the eyes, look down. To the
extent that one can attain to zero, to
that extent the point and the universe
is his -- in one shot.

Ecco homo is Ec-si Homo is Ex I Homo
Homo is Behold the Man is wholed.
(NOTE -- In future articles, Mr. Friedman will point out how both civilization
and the languages it uses are linked to
the ransition manifest in man's symbology.